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Management Consulting

We provide management solutions not only to the retail industry but also to people who are planning to get into this alluring industry.

Our services include designing of SOPs i.e. Standard Operating Procedures which are pillars for growth to devising the entire growth strategy and workable models for expansion.

Any retail company who is willing to multiply, cannot escape our services!!

We connect and decipher the information businesses need to thrive. Behind our strategic advice is the technical depth of Your Retail Coach specialists who have designed and delivered major projects for the entire management chain – from purchase to sales, human resource to customer care, operations to CRM.

When we consult in organisational conduct, we do not rely on platitudes about transformation and change. Instead, Your Retail Coach’sconsultantscustomize employee engagement and leadership development programmes that deliver real outcomes because they draw on our real-world experience of our clients’ market sectors. Likewise, in knowledge management we combine change management capability with skills in IT infrastructure and design to result focused workable knowledge-sharing systems.

Our team helps in research-based interventions, bridge the organisational connect to accomplish your organizational goals, understand the need of finance, sales, marketing, operations and people for your productivity, establish an alignment index to indicate how your organization is aligned with your aspirations, add value to your organization through our quality strategy advices and key-note secrets, make your system and process highly cyclical by our inimitable consulting tips.

5 Most Effective Ways to Manage your Team

5 Most Effective Ways to Manage your Team

Whenever there is a change of guards in the middle level, the responsibility to build a Team comes to an employee who is selected by the management, based on their performance. The onus falls on the person who is in charge of the team to bring out the best and...

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We work only for Visionaries.