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Finance in Business Program

The Finance in Business program is an executive program aimed at equipping entrepreneurs and executives with the driving knowledge, skills and expertise of prudent financial management. As finance is a “game changer” in business, this program is designed to enable the participants revamp their financial plans and strategies towards achieving financial growth and stability in their businesses.

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Program Format

The program will be carried out over a series of lectures, presentations and panel discussions. The participants will get to work on relevant and practical case studies. The program comprises of an action learning project under which the participants can apply the principles and processes learnt from the program in the financial management of their own businesses.

Program Objectives

Estimation of capital requirement, capital budgeting and determination of capital structure. Identification and selection of sources of finances. Consideration of cost of capital, return on investment and break even analysis. Utilization of finances and investment planning. Working capital management to maintain adequate liquidity and smooth flow of operations. Indirect Taxation and impact of GST. Understanding of key financial ratios to keep a tab on the financial health of business. Reading and analysis of financial statements.

A business enterprise is vulnerable to different kinds of financial risks – revenue shrinkage, bad debts, liquidity crunch and operational risks. It becomes essential that entrepreneurs keep the financial health of their business updated, stout and strong by prudently managing its financial affairs.

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