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    SOPs for ECommerce Warehouse

    SOPs for ECommerce Warehouse

    SOPs for ECommerce Warehouse Consulting

    Customers have strong reasons for preferring eCommerce over physical retail. These include the comfort of searching and placing orders, a wide range of products to choose from, payment flexibility, genuine customer reviews, doorstep delivery, easy returns and refunds, etc. But the all-cool eCommerce is a hotbed of robust business processes working in the background. One such important area in eCommerce is warehouse management.

    These warehouses for eCommerce companies are temporary storing spaces but the efficiency and effectiveness with which warehouses are managed affects the flow of inventory in the supply chain before and after the warehouse part. For instance, if reordering is not taking place on time or if goods are not moving out of a warehouse for further distribution and delivery, supply chains go idle and order fulfilment will be affected. We take care of these problems and help online businesses establish robust warehousing facilities with our eCommerce warehouse consulting services.

    SOPs for Order Fulfilment

    Order fulfilment is the entire process of completing an online order successfully. It is triggered the moment a customer places an order on any eCommerce platform and ends with the product being delivered to the customer with a satisfactory review.

    The three standard order fulfilment options are third-party service providers (3PL), merchant fulfilment or in-house fulfilment, and dropshipping (done by manufacturers). The most popular option amongst eCommerce companies is 3PL for the reasons of expertise, economy, and convenience. However, both the eCommerce company and its 3PL partner need to work in coordination because their activities are interconnected. This combined operational framework can be mapped using SOPs to ensure smooth workflow in terms of processing customer orders, inventory management, picking and packaging, labelling, shipment, system updates, etc.

    Whether it is in-house fulfilment or 3PL, we will help you map your entire eCommerce order fulfilment process in SOPs. These SOPs will serve as an operational roadmap for your employees and your logistic partners to smoothly carry out the order fulfilment process consistently and with a high level of efficiency.

    Layout Designing / Inventory Flow Mapping

    The layout of a warehouse plays a decisive role in how inventory moves inside this big place.  In the case of eCommerce fulfilment warehouses, the warehouse layout and inventory flow mapping call for special attention. The reasons for this are a wide variety of goods which need to be stored in these warehouses, different SKUs of products, different nature of products requiring different storage conditions, different packaging requirements and handling parameters, etc. If the space layout and the inventory flow are not planned and implemented as planned, it could result in nothing less than failing to live up to the order fulfilment promises made to customers.

    Our expert team of consultants will help you in designing an efficient warehouse layout and inventory flow planning so that your warehouse and your warehouse team are always fit and ready for order fulfilment.

    Infra Equipment

    The use of right infra equipment is critical to the effective and efficient functioning of an eCommerce warehouse. Right from receiving orders for further processing to handing over to logistic partners, a host of activities need to be carried out. At every step, equipment will be required. These could be digital devices with reliable connectivity, pallet jacks, stackers, dock levellers, truck restraints, yard ramps, utility carts, conveyor belts, packaging tools, handheld scanners, security solutions etc.

    Our team will assist you in listing out the required infra equipment for your eCommerce warehouse.

    iWMS Validation and Selection

    Understand iWMS or Integrated Warehouse Management System as a stand-alone ERP intended for warehouse management. It connects all the important parts of managing a warehouse.

    There are various systems in a typical eCommerce warehouse or fulfilment center which run simultaneously and are dependent on one another for achieving high-end efficiency and effectiveness. These systems include supply chain and logistics, inventory management, procurement and reorder, safety and security, etc. For an eCommerce warehouse to function at its optimum levels, all these systems must work in cohesion. An integrated warehouse management system will ensure that all these systems work in perfect harmony. It will play an important role in making your eCommerce fulfilment center highly efficient and effective.

    We will help you in selecting and implementing the right integrated warehouse management solution for your eCommerce warehouse operations.

    Staff Training

    Even the best systems will be of less value if employees are not well-acquainted with the working requirements. In resolving this, the first right thing is to hire the right people. The second is to provide them with the right training.

    We follow a systematic and proven process in designing training programs. We conduct a thorough job analysis to understand the gaps, create a training calendar, and examine the actual working procedures in place against the established SOPs i.e. Process Audits.

    Inventory Management SOPs

    Inventory management in eCommerce plays a vital role in the order fulfilment process. Lack of systematic inventory management hampers the ability of an eCommerce entity to keep its order fulfilment process smooth and consistent which eventually goes on to hurt customer experience and brand loyalty. The efficacy of inventory management is a crucial determinant of success in supply chain management in eCommerce.

    Our team will help you in designing and implementing robust SOPs for various activities of inventory management:

    • Demand forecasting
    • Vendor/supplier selection
    • Reorder and Procurement
    • Storage
    • Handling and Packaging
    • Logistics and Delivery
    • Audit and Control
    • SOP-IT integration
    • Inter-departmental coordination

    Loss Prevention Management

    Fewer things could hurt a warehouse manager as bad as the loss of inventory. It could be caused by a lack of quality testing, handling mistakes by employees, unaccountability due to theft or pilferage, improper storage, improper packaging, etc. Inventory losses are revenue losses. It has a bearing on order fulfilment as goods showing as available on the website might not be in a condition to sell.

    To bring down inventory losses to negligible levels, inventory loss prevention must be taken seriously.  Our team will help you create a robust inventory loss prevention mechanism spanning across your entire inventory management system.

    Last-Mile Delivery Partners Integration

    Towards the end of the rope but the last mile delivery is important for an eCommerce business because it is one of the crucial touchpoints of customer experience. With customers being able to track their orders, they will not appreciate any unreasonable delay in the final delivery especially when their order has efficiently travelled hundreds of miles only to cause disappointment at the last mile.

    Our role is not confined to the boundaries of warehouses. We will also help you in defining a robust eCommerce delivery strategy and completing the last-mile delivery partner integration. This involves helping you select the right delivery partner based on strategic, competitive, and qualitative benchmarks.

    Process & Inventory Audits

    Audits on regular intervals is the diagnosis of the overall health of a company. It is important to check whether your systems and processes are efficient, effective, and performing as planned. In eCommerce warehouse management, these process and inventory auditing is important for the same reasons. Even if you know that everything is going fine, clean audit reports are reassurances. And sometimes this auditing task is outsourced so that routine business operations are not hampered and expert insights could be gained.

    Implementation Support

    Transformation is never easy. No one promised it would be.

    At YRC, we believe that merely providing paper solutions to clients is not sufficient. We take joy and pride in implementation support. We assist our clients in implementing the solutions be it SOPs, layout design, inventory flow, tools and technologies, auditing, or forging ties with eCommerce logistics companies.

    Benefits of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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