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Process Implementation


For organisations to align their business goals and objectives processes must be defined & procedures must be specified. There is a huge diversity in the operations of the organisation which change as per the environment, customers, vendors, logistic availability and the people. We dive in our experience with the organisational strengths to reap greatest benefits across their operations.

How we will?

At Your Retail Coach, we help the organisation to align with the competition of the emerging market & combat the rapidly changing economic environment by leveraging their experience, deep industry insights and a proven holistic approach to strategy planning. We guide our clients through all aspects of business process re-engineering for them to fully realize the optimum benefits in the new environment.

Services Offered

Supply Chain

The first step is for supply chain executives to clearly understand how the enterprise chooses to compete. The next step is to conduct a detailed, realistic assessment of the capabilities that exist within the organization and even the extended supply chain. From this critical work emerges the “go forward” supply chain strategy – directly tied to the business strategy, highly specific as to enablers and metrics, and with a defined set of implementation requirements and contingencies. Execution involves closely following your implementation plan and applying good project governance.

Enterprise Architecture

Provide clients with a robust IT Infrastructure designing to ensure every action is technologically captured and recorded. Our main concern is to build information structures that are easy to comprehend and use. To accomplish the same, we align the goals of the business with the goals of the users, and at the same time work within the constraints posed by the project, technical issues and content production.

Strategic Value Management

It is a new approach to strategic management that bridges strategic management with stock value creation, creating a new standard that integrates all existing strategic management, business strategies (marketing, human resources, operations, etc.), and business ethics. The three pillars of SVM are resources, power, and creation, which belong to the core of any organisation.

Customer Experience

The goal of CEM is to optimize interactions from the customer’s perspective and, as a result, foster customer loyalty. With new communication channels and touch points, comes greater complexity. We enlist business intelligence and customer data analytics to learn more about how to market and sell to customers in a more personalized, one-to-one fashion. CEM strengthens brand preference through differentiated experiences & boost revenue.

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