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    ERP Consulting


    ERP helps in protection of your mission critical operations thereby enabling fast and efficient issue handling based on Service Level Agreements in combination with continuous optimization. ERP provides solution operations best practices with ability to drive integrated quality management and continuous improvement process with industry-verified standards.

    How we will?

    We provide Consultancy for the analysis of business processes. We also conduct assessment of the status of IT systems compared to corporate business objectives. Our team performs data analysis, installation and conversion & end-user training.

    Services Offered

    Objective and Budget Alignment

    ERP Goal Setting is one of the first tasks to be done before the start of the ERP Project Implementation. This would help organization to set its goals and proper budget for the ERP project implementation. ERP project road map should be defined with the clear functional & technical business requirements to meet the present & future objectives of the organization.

    ERP solution analysis and SLAs

    A successful implementation will run smoothly with the minimum disruption to daily activities within the organisation. We can help you ensure this is the case by working as an Internal Project Manager, assisting in the Design and Configuration of the new ERP system, assisting with Data Conversion/Migration, Reporting Services, Testing and End User Training


    Align SOPs & KPIs

    In any successful implementation, objectives need to be clearly defined for the new ERP solution. Understanding what the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are and the expected improvements will help identify gaps and opportunities as the implementation gets underway.Development of SOP’s for every aspect of your business is a big task and critical to the long term success of your ERP implementation.

    Organisation Structuring and Talent Alignment

    Organisation structure is designed considering change as a process, as well as taking culture into account. Being sensitive to attitudes, beliefs, and behaviour increases the odds of a successful transformation. During these sessions, problem areas, company goals, business objectives are defined& ERP is aligned in view of the organisational strengths and talent alignment.

    Need Analysis and IT Integration

    Our team leads the reengineering effort, makes recommendations, and communicates the findings and strategies to the entire organization. Adequate IT resources ensure the ability to execute, ensure integrity and consistency. Working closely with your team will identify opportunities for automating, improving, and eliminating redundant tasks and operations.

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