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5 Factors Leading To A Successful E-commerce Brand

E-commerce titans like Amazon are doing so well along with e-commerce brands and sellers associated with them. But in a saturated and over-competitive marketplace, an e-commerce brand needs more than just an online retail platform to thrive. If customers are faced...

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Reliance Set to Lead the Indian E-commerce Market

The e-commerce market is set to hit $50 billion by 2022 in India. It was quite evident since a couple of years that Reliance had wanted to be a part of it. Amazon was set to dominate the e-commerce market in India. Wal-Mart Inc acquired Flipkart in 2018 to give Amazon...

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How to Prepare a Business Pitch Deck? – YourRetailCoach

In the world of startups, you will often hear the word "pitch". It refers to the structured and logical way in which you explain your business, mainly to investors. A business pitch deck is the exposition of your ideas in a clear, structured, and a simple way. Here we...

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