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Reliance Set to Lead the Indian E-commerce Market

The e-commerce market is set to hit $50 billion by 2022 in India. It was quite evident since a couple of years that Reliance had wanted to be a part of it. Amazon was set to dominate the e-commerce market in India. Wal-Mart Inc acquired Flipkart in 2018 to give Amazon...

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How to Prepare a Business Pitch Deck? – YourRetailCoach

In the world of startups, you will often hear the word "pitch". It refers to the structured and logical way in which you explain your business, mainly to investors. A business pitch deck is the exposition of your ideas in a clear, structured, and a simple way. Here we...

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Are you Barcoading your products?

How important is the naming ceremony of your child?? What if you were not given a name when you were born? What would you be called?? Similarly, how do we refer to your products when they were not barcoded? Aye, Ooh, Woh, Wahanpepada hai, Udhar se layatha, woh...

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3 Ways to Achieve Manifold Growth in Retail Sector

Retail- the word refers to a wide gamut of goods and services offered to the customers. Be it electronics goods, books or dress materials; everything falls under the retail sector. So, the retail sector is competitive and dynamic. Getting manifold growth in such a...

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Have You Validated your SOPs Periodically?

SOPs are an immensely powerful tool used by companies, business enterprises and various other organizations of all sizes and operations across different industries and sectors. These SOPs are written step by step instructions to primarily help the employees in the...

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