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    Retail Domain Training For Business Analyst


    This unique qualification is India’s only degree focused solely on the retail sector, created in response to a demand from employers for qualified graduates with sound managerial skills and retail industry knowledge.

    The Certificate Programme in Retail Business Management (RBMP) is an intensive programme, covering several faucets of the retail sector, including:

    • Introduction to the Retailing and Retail Types
    • Responding to and Targeting Consumers
    • Developing a Retail Strategy
    • Location Analysis
    • Store Layout and Design
    • Merchandising and Assortment Planning
    • Pricing Mechanics/Pricing Promotions
    • Margin Accelerators/Strategic Profit Model
    • Human Resource Management
    • Marketing, Branding & Promotions in Retailing

    Understand the World of Retail and application of Advanced Data Mining and Predictive Analytics in the Retail Industry. Understand the nuts and bolts of Quantitative Marketing, with special focus on RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Analysis, Churn Modeling, Shopper Analytics (Market Basket/Association Analysis), Segmentation, Propensity Scoring Models- Prospective Buyer Models, Best Customer Analysis, Campaign Response Modeling, Cross Sell Modeling and much more.

    The course will cover a general understanding of the Retail Industry, with each of the above topics taught hands on with business cases with relevant data. Special Mention: We are going to teach you specifically the Application of Analytics/Data Mining in the Retail Industry.


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