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Regulatory Compliance


Regulatory compliance has emerged as a one of the essential business function for organisations amid the application of stringent rules across diverse jurisdictions. Organisations have the relevant authority, risk, and compliance systems for regulatory compliance management in place, but translating this into strategy & implementation across the hierarchies remains a challenge.

How we will?

At Your Retail Coach, we provide comprehensive compliance change management framework that integrates the planning aspect of compliance management with its execution while standardizing the processes involved. We nurture a culture of compliance by designing a platform for cross-functional visibility through improved collaboration among various stakeholders.

Services Offered


Strategy Orientation

Alignment of strategies ensures that the outcome of compliance work is mapped to organizational strategy. It avoids cost overruns by completing the initiatives within stipulated timelines; measure the outcomes of regulatory change management initiatives against quantitative key performance indicators.


Compliance SOP

Standardization of processes and procedures confirm that the organisations follow the standardized process roadmaps that address different regulatory needs or organizational objectives. SOPs also ensure that the compliances are responded to, in a timely and organised manner.


ERP Integration

Drive higher productivity & improve your bottom line by avoiding heavy penalties incurred because of non-adherence to deadlines for regulatory compliance. Integrating the compliances of each and every department with the ERP ensures timely adherence to the deadlines and also send appropriate signals in case of delay/ non-compliance.

Internal Controls

Compliances & Regulations have become remarkably complex, demanding significantly more coarse data, increased efficacy in audit & compliance functions and advanced risk leveraging techniques. In order to comply efficiently, the internal processes of the organisation need to be exceedingly robust. We help you fill the leakages within the organisational procedures, making it combat-ready.

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