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Coaching Classes

Coaching Classes

I) Challenges faced by the Coaching Classes

a) Retaining Qualified Teachers

Sourcing and retention of qualified, skilled and experienced teachers on board is a key challenge for the school, college, university and even coaching classes. One of the biggest issues this sector faces is the constant attrition of trained teachers. The average loss is pegged at 12% yearly, with 40-45 percent of these being trained teachers.

The need for training teachers to retain them is critical. More trained teachers will have a positive impact on the education industry. Initial teacher education and training programs must be in place for early childhood educators, primary and secondary school teachers, and pre-service programs at campus or in-service courses through distance mode.

b) Faculty Management

Additionally, for education and coaching companies, managing faculty across multiple branches and regulating the time-table is a hectic process. A constant issue raised by parents and other stakeholders is the need for a better supervision system. A general consensus is that it is ineffective if the supervision system does not work at school and regional levels. School teachers like head teachers and management staff like senior administrators often lack management skills.

c) Student Safety & Monitoring

Managing student safety and security through procedural fire drills, rules, and regulations, etc. is harder than one can imagine. The need of the hour is to improve school and classroom environments to improve the quality of education. Areas of concern include school facilities and utilities, supervision of branches in isolated or coastal regions, implementation of child-friendly programs and bringing down the absenteeism rates for students and teachers alike.

d) Updating Study Material

Updation of study material with suitable content, pictorial descriptions and examples are absolutely essential for imparting quality education. Challenges faced by millions of young people mean one needs to scale up educational efforts despite having a large number of higher education institutes.

The curricula at various colleges and universities are often obsolete and do not equip students with the necessary skills or impart the latest knowledge. When a student passes out of the desired course, he may be employable as a workforce. So, lack of knowledge means that as professionals, they will be found wanting. To avert this, it is essential for colleges, schools, and universities to revisit and refine the curriculum by working with experts so studies can lead to knowledge development.

e) Management of Periodic Tests

Conducting standard exams and board evaluations are not easy. Schools, colleges and universities have to meet certain standards. Mismanagement in conducting periodic tests is a common challenge faced by students.

f) Quality of Education

If educational institutions fail to product stellar students, this will impact the popularity of the educational institution as well. To improve the skills and talent of the students, there is a need for quality education systems. The Indian education system has been criticized on the score that many professionals remain unemployable after being educated, and don’t land a job despite opportunities. The result of poor or inadequate education systems are professionals who are qualified but not employable. Accreditation remains one of the biggest challenges and standard rating agencies equate Indian education with many pitfalls. For instance, education rankings frequently have bare minimum representation from India and most of the schools, colleges or universities that rank higher are abroad.

The Indian education system needs to develop higher education standards and grow from strength to strength.

II) Why Choose YRC Management Consulting Services?

YRC Management Consulting Services enable educational institutions to manage operations optimally and integrate the latest technologies for expansion. The best management consulting services for the education industry, YRC empowers educational institutions and coaching companies to develop systems, processes, and procedures for better operations and well established quality educational programs. Choose the best management consultants in the industry and watch your educational institution or coaching classes expand and reach students across niches.

III) About Education Industry

The education industry is globally competitive. It is known for thriving in a growing marketplace. But the main challenge faced by educational institutions is coping with an ever-changing environment. Major challenges that coaching classes face are running on a “star” teacher concept. Weak management and lack of quality assurance or standardization are other reasons this industry has not scaled up to the level retail or manufacturing has. The sector, however, has the least entry barriers which lead to local players becoming market leaders.

According to IBEF, India holds an important position in the global education and coaching industry. India presently has one of the largest network of higher educational institutions across the globe. However, there is less potential for further development of the educational system. Further, the government aims to raise the gross enrollment ratio to 30% by 2021, creating opportunities for the distance education market. India also has the largest young population in the world. This creates a demographic dividend for the education and coaching companies. Close to 500 million Indians are between 5 and 24 years of age. This provides incredible opportunities for the education sector.

Various colleges and universities in India are expanding. The number of colleges in India stood at 39,050 in 2017-2018. The number of universities was 903. India has over 36.64 million students enrolled in higher education. Gross Enrollment Ratio in higher education reached 25.8 percent in 2017-2018. The country is also the second largest e-learning market after the US. The sector is set to reach USD 1.96 billion by 2021 with 9.5 million users.

India’s education sector offers a wonderful opportunity with 29% of India’s population being between 0-14 years of age. IBEF also estimates the Indian higher education segment will reach USD 35.03 billion by 2025. The education sector in India is going to expand further with rising internet penetration rates helping in education delivery. India presently has over 250 million school students and policies such as NEP/New Education Policy further contribute to the strategic growth of this sector. Along with the growth come certain issues and challenges, too.

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