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Healthcare (Pharmacy, Clinics, Hospital)

About Healthcare Industry:

Healthcare & Pharma globalization has caused the entire healthcare sector to develop at a speed of light.

Gone are the days when the hospitals& clinics were volume-based, patients now expect them to be value – based. Hospitals& Clinics do require a higher-than-ever level of operational excellence to improve the quality of care, as in this sector, even one second may save one’s life!

Hospitals & Clinics need to change their outlook & improvise their working by forming SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for every department & enhancing inter departmental coordination.


Challenges faced by Healthcare Industry:

  • Data Management has been the biggest challenge for every entity in the healthcare industry. This data if managed efficiently can be used for regular follow ups and all the other CRM activities.
  • Lack of standardization of processes, policies and systems.
  • Poor feedback system leaving feeble or no room for improvement
  • IT Systems need to be upgraded and integrated with the SOPs thus developing a digital organization.
  • YRC Management Consulting shall help in identifying the USPs of the centre and devise expansion strategies accordingly.

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