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E-commerce sales have skyrocketed throughout the world, driven by strong consumer demand. However, a lot of these e-commerce businesses are finding it challenging to cope up with the product data volumes, ensuring accuracy of their product data, delivering good customer service and executing reverse logistics including after-sales customer service and order completion during peak time.

There are many budding e-commerce support service companies that provide outsourcing services such as customer service management, order processing and fulfilment, product information management, e-commerce product photo editing etc.

Investing in such partnerships with outsourcing companies will help your eCommerce company to improve your e-commerce efficiency and speed up the time-to-market of products while increasing your customer reach across worldwide markets.

Let’s discuss a few of the popular outsourcing functions provided by these companies –

Customer Service –

Customers can require assistance any time of the day and often, they don’t have the time to wait. If you outsource eCommerce customer service to a call centre, you would be able to provide professional complaint redressal around the clock.

Order Processing –

Order processing is a labour intensive function and the labour costs in countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, Australia, etc are very high. Thus many Western companies prefer to outsource order processing services to India.

Web Development –

Having a website or an e-store is essential in an e-commerce business. Having your own professional website is an added advantage and getting this function outsourced can help you get a bug-free and updated website without investing a lot of your time into it.

These are a few of the popular services outsourced by e-commerce companies. There are many companies that provide such services and are experts in the industry. Let’s have a look at a few of the e-commerce BPO companies in India –

1) Invensis Technologies is a leading IT services BPO that offers holistic and good quality order processing and order management services to clients. They have a skilled taskforce that can undertake a variety of orders even within short deadlines and complete them successfully based on your customisations.

2) Your Retail Coach (YRC) specializes in Retail & e-commerce outsourcing. They offer services like Customer support, bookkeeping and accountancy services, data entry services, support to enter the Indian market and end-to-end eCommerce project management services.

3) Hidden Brains Infotech is an Enterprise Software and IT Consulting Company that is experienced in providing complete end-to-end IT services for web, mobile as well as cloud platforms. They have deep industry expertise and they are constantly experimenting with unparalleled technology innovation such as Cloud, Chatbot, Artificial Intelligence etc.

4) Promatics Technologies since its establishment has been committed to offering services that are of exceptionally high quality and customised as per the needs of the ever-changing and evolving digital landscape. Promatics offers services like designing and development of web and mobile applications that are essential for today’s businesses. These functions can enhance your business productivity and capability, reduce customer acquisition lead times, fasten top-line growth, help build a bigger brand and ultimately overcome competition.

5) Xtreem Solution develops web and mobile software that is custom made as per the industry requirement and budget. They do this by application of their thorough know-how of advanced technologies and help in augmenting the growth of startups –big and small, and even established businesses. Their team is equipped with the latest technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, AR and VR. They have been known for infusing each project with their expertise and passion for excellence.

6) Exaalgia is a certified web design and digital marketing company, offering functions such as search engine marketing (SEO and PPC). The company was established with a vision to boost the visibility of ne websites over several digital channels. Their USP is a constant support to their clients and delivering quick results, which has helped them to be one of the leading SEO agency in America. They have achieved this by constantly staying up-to-date with trending technologies in marketing and have goodwill that is backed by over 300 5-star real customer reviews.

7) Business Process Xperts (BPX) is a good choice for businesses on the lookout for outsourcing their customer service functions. Their call centre outsourcing and contact centre management solutions can help clients cut down on costs by up to 50% while transforming their business processes to meet excellent standards. Customer service can help the business get a competitive edge and increase the organisation’s overall efficiency based on customer feedback. The services offered are the outbound centre, inbound services, telemarketing, technical support, CCTV monitoring services, business processes management, email support, chat support, etc.

8) Outsource Services India is a financial service BPO firm which offers smooth, reliable and reasonable services from expert bookkeepers. They help keep your books updated in real-time and are well versed with software such as QuickBooks, MYOB, IRIS, Sage Line 50, Quicken, Peachtree, Lacerte and any other software given by the client. Their services are apt for small and medium businesses, non-profit organisations, established businesses and also, individuals that need help with accountancy. Their services include small business accounting, bank reconciliation services, bookkeeping, accounts receivable and payable, business and personal accounts, credit card reconciliation, custom reports, payroll reconciliation and more.

9) Data Entry Outsourced is a consultancy and BPO firm that specialises in data entry and all allied services. They can provide custom services based on the industry requirement and help you cut down on costs. Some of the top data entry services provided by DEO are invoice data entry, image data entry, CRM data entry, Ebook data entry, Directory services, Document management, Real estate appraisal data entry, database development and data migration, geotagging services, claims data entry, QuickBooks data entry, survey data entry, ERP data entry etc.

10) Cogneesol is a logistics outsourcing service company in India which can tailor-make an integrated logistics solution based on your company’s requirements. They help in providing efficient documentation while lowering the costs of logistics and reducing inventory. They have a team of industry experts who have in-depth knowledge to manage shipping and logistics vertical.

If you are planning to enter the retail or e-commerce space, then outsourcing can help you focus on your core activities and manage business efficiency. Your Retail Coach can guide you on your journey with end-to-end support. Reach out to the