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The retail sales numbers for 2019 are going to be robust according to a report which suggests that the numbers will touch USD 3.8 trillion in the U.S. alone.

With the onset of technologies like smart shopping carts, Artificial Intelligence systems powered by smart machine learning algorithms and digital transformation trends like social shopping and chatbot-assisted shopping coming to the retail sector, the future looks exciting.

To stay in touch with these trends, you should keep yourself at the leading end of the learning curve with the help of the latest and informative retail blogs.

Given below are our top twelve picks.

1- The Retail Doctor Blog

One of the oldest blogs in the retail domain, The Retail Doctor Blog is managed by renowned retail consultant Bob Phibbs. The information provided by Bob is one of the best in the retail domain and he guides retailers through every aspect of retail business which includes blogs and articles related to retail training, branding, customer service, store design, retail trends, etc. As one of the most well-known blogs in the field of retail, The Retail Doctor Blog should be on your reading list if you are a passionate retailer.

2- Retail Design Blog

As the name suggests, the Retail Design Blog comes with a highly appealing visual experience for the readers. When you open the blog your eyes are greeted with images of beautiful shop interiors and retail displays. This is one of the pioneering retail store blogs which will help you in designing your retail store in an aesthetically appealing manner. You can reach the blog here.

3- Forrester Retail

This blog is managed by Forrester which is a reputed market research company. And as its name goes, it publishes blogs on retail research giving statistical insights and on retail technologies assessing opportunities and impacts. The blog is accompanied by in-depth research reports to substantiate their claims. It is a paid blog. You can have a glimpse here.

4-Shopify Blog

Shopify came into being as a website which used to sell snowboarding equipment online, but now it has metamorphosed into an online retail behemoth powering more than 500,000 businesses all over the world.

You can brush up your knowledge on marketing, sales and customer experience skills by reading the informative content published on their blog. The blog gives nuggets of wisdom regarding how to manage your online retail store during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. They say knowledge is power and when it comes from one of the most successful online retail platforms then the power is amplified. The blog can keep you updated with the latest developments in the world of retail. You can reach the blog here.

5- Insider Trends

The guys at Insider Trends have established the reputation of being retail trends specialists. If you are a fashion retailer, you need to keep yourself informed of the trends in the fashion industry. This blog can help you gain insights into the latest and upcoming trends in the world of fashion.

Renowned retail brands like L’Oreal, Nike and Chanel are some of its prominent clients. The blog deals with topics such as retail trends, technology trends, in-store experiences, experiential retail and concept mom and pop stores.

6- National Retail Federation (NRF)

National Retail Federation, the biggest retail trade association in the United States, is one of the oldest retail associations having lobbying congress for more than 100 years to support the retail industry.

The blog touches on important subjects such as macroeconomic policies, consumer trends, retail technology holiday and seasonal trends, cybersecurity, employment, start-ups in transformation and connected commerce. You can reach the blog here.

7- Blog Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog

Although not a retail specialist blog, Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog deals with crucial aspects of online marketing. The blog is a must-read if you have an e-commerce store, as by reading Neil Patel’s blogs you can always have a head start against the competition by remaining updated about the latest trends in digital marketing, paid ads, Social Media Marketing, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

Neil Patel is considered to be one of the most respected authorities on digital marketing. By reading his blogs you are likely to gain valuable insights about digital marketing. You can reach his blog here.

8- Retail Week

Retail Week has been providing quality retail content to its subscribers for years now. If you are interested in retail then you must add this blog to your reading list. The good thing about this blog is its content is focused on analysis, research, and data in various retail segments like grocery, fashion, health, entertainment, etc. The blog also has a video feature. You can reach the blog here.

9- Retail TouchPoints Blog

The Retail TouchPoints does not just blog about retail but posts articles written by senior executives who share their knowledge gained through practical experience. The blog is aimed at helping retailers better understand and improvise their customers’ experiences in today’s multifaceted retail environment. You can reach the blog here.

10- A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand deals with guiding retailers through the rocky waters of e-commerce retailing. Insightful articles are shared on various topics dealing with e-commerce like starting an online business, drop shipping, chatbots, online security, eCommerce sales and promotions, analytics, social media platforms, advertisements and much more.

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to expand his physical retail business into the online domain or a budding start-up online e-tailer, this blog will provide you all the necessary information required to succeed in the area of online retailing. You can reach the blog here.

11- Fizzle

From winning the mental game to finding your USP, this blog provides valuable insight for the crucial areas of your retail journey like the starting phase, products and services, managing business, leadership, tools and technologies, etc. The approach is what we found unique and appealing to this blog. You can reach the blog here.

12- Your Retail Coach (YRC)

You may also take a look at our blog section. Focus on the basics and simplicity in the presentation is the essence of YRC blogs. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or already running a business; whether it is a restaurant or café, or apparel, fashion or footwear store, or a departmental store; whether your business is situated in a small town or a metropolitan city, YRC blogs are intended to help retailers tickle their perspectives of retail business and the retail world. You can reach our blog page here.

Summing up…..

Knowledge and information are power and living in an era of information leave no room for excuse. The right information at the right time can help us make informed decisions to take our businesses to new heights or prevent us from making poor calls.

The blogs that we have listed above will serve you in good stead by providing you with rich doses of valuable information. Read these blogs regularly to gain a pole position in the retail game.