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Standardization of production processes meant to acquire more uniform products with amplified production and service quality. Standard Operating Procedures is most benefited to all the doctors. It is considered as the best organizational tool that the doctors can put to use to create, maintain and put into writing the ideal practice the doctor aims to achieve. Therefore a SOP is built around the desired outcome and is measured to see if it is moving on the right path towards the ideal solution one wishes to achieve.

The standard operating procedures are drawn out based on the principle that standardization will help improve efficiency. It plays a vital role in highly technical and scientific fields.

Though the process of establishing standards is very difficult considering the diverse nature of the medical field, we must also consider the fact that the lack of such consistent procedures will also affect the efficiency.

Standard Operating Procedure for Doctors

The Standard Operating Procedures for all doctors is a manual that helps all doctors set the goals, and lets them understand what they are expected to do, and helps them reach the goals. The manual helps the doctors to customize the same to meet their needs and styles of practice.

SOP Resources and how they can be helpful

The SOP resources that would be useful for practicing doctors include

  • Stores and materials management– This includes defining the functions and services, the procedure that has to be adopted by the stores department with regard to buying and stocking stores, establishing the roles and responsibilities of the store keeper, maintenance of the demand book, Requisition slip and a log of the requisition and issue slip, bin card, Log card and procedures related to daily, weekly, monthly material receipt. This will help them to ensure there is no logging of unnecessary stock and lack of essential materials.


  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services- This refers to setting up the function and services of the department, framing the procedures to be adopted by the Physio therapy and rehabilitation services department, roles and responsibilities of the physiotherapist, maintaining the records of treatment, stock register of items that are required for treatment, so on and so forth which helps in improving the management and productivity of the department.


  • Immunization services- This includes the development of policies, the functions and services and their order of performance Implementation of standard procedures, Immunization Record, and patient booklet maintenance And birth record. This SOP will help keep track of the records of the patient at a single glance and ensure that they receive the essential vaccinations at the right time.


  • Operation Theatre services– This will vary according to the size of the hospital. In general, whether it is a specialty theatre or one that is used to treat minor cases it requires the definition of Roles and responsibilities of the OT in charge, The maintenance of the stock register, the consumable stock register The anesthesia record, OTcharge slip and OT drug charge slip maintenance Maintaining blood requisition form and records of the blood bank. This will ensure that the patient receives the right care at the right time and there is no shortage of materials in the OT and also that the equipment in the OT is in good condition.


  • Central sterile and supply department services– cleanliness is very important in a health care center and the establishment of stringent policies regarding the maintenance of the health care center will ensure a clean and sterile environment.


  • Patient Records– This is essential for understanding the prognosis of the patient and also to keep track of the treatment administered.


  • Accounts– This is very important for an organization. People who have had clear communication about what’s expected of them are more productive and more likely to achieve peak performance. SOPs also increase productivity for managers by saving them time. The roles and responsibilities of the cashier and accounts officer have to be established and they must be made to monitor each and every transaction that takes place, including billing, salary, bank transactions so on and so forth to ensure the sound financial status of the hospital.


  • Reception- This involves the process of establishing the receptionists Grooming standards, registration procedures, OP investigation procedures Daily report and other details which will help in keeping a log of the number of patients as well as a basic reference for the type of infection that is prevalent during a period of time.

It is significant to keep in mind that changes in health organizations need indication of operational scientific results, besides a positive cost-benefit relation. Therefore, “every organization instantaneously requires continuity and change, tradition and innovation, of being and becoming.

SOPs are what smart organizations use to create consistency in how processes and tasks are performed. They consist of clearly documented, step-by-step procedures and checklists that are easy for professionals to follow and greatly reduce the chances of mistakes. When mistakes occur, they give managers a REAL basis for redirecting or disciplining a person. Establishment of standards in these departments will help in the sound functioning of the health care center and also ensure better control over all these departments.

Benefits of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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