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Our “Retail Business Management Training Program” is made to ensure that the owner is out of the daily operations.

It covers the management of the daily chores of a retailer right from Purchase to Accounts, Sales to Staff, IT to Marketing , Sales to Customer Care in a systematic way.
Must do for all the single store retailers & their next generation!

Most retailers in the region have learnt retail management “on-the-job”. The program will enable retailers with work experience to return to the class room, acquire knowledge of the different principles and frameworks that form the foundation of the retail industry, reflect upon their practical experience, and develop a broad-based foundation to managing their businesses.

The delivery of the program is engineered to cross fertilize learning by bringing together learning from various backgrounds, and experiences, developing cross functional skills through intensive and practical curriculum taught by academics and experienced industry professionals.

The evolution of the domestic and global retail marketplace and continuous advances in technology have created a multitude of options for consumers to receive goods and services without even leaving their front door. This requires retail management professionals to think outside the box along with having excellent decision and problem solving skills, impeccable customer service, and leadership skills to create a successful team.

4 Benefits of Integrating ERP with SOP

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How Can an SME Raise Funds from Public?

In the recent years, the IPO-route has proved to be a huge success for a large number of SMEs in India. In 2016-17 alone, as many as 80 companies came out with their IPOs (initial public offering) and raised a staggering amount of 811 Crores INR as compared to 46...

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