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Happy employees are assets to any company. Why? Because if employees are happy then they will always give their best for the company and help it reach the zenith of success. But how will you assess the happiness of your employees? Let us check out 5 ways in which you can understand whether your employees are happy or not.

Arrange Regular Review Meetings

One on one conversations are must if you want to assess the happiness of your employees.

Managers and team leaders should have regular meetings with the employees to understand their issues and help them out. These meetings are pivotal to understand individual employee requirements.

This kind of review meetings also brings out their opinion about how the organization is working or how it should work to make employees happy. Employee feedback is also important to frame policies for the organization. For example, if it comes from the associates that a new mother is not able to spend enough time with her infant, HR can come up with a new policy for flexible working hours.

Set Regular Performance Evaluation

Transparency is very important when you want to keep the employees happy.

Evaluate the performance of your employees on a regular basis to maintain the transparency.

If you are not sure how to set up a neutral performance evaluation system, engage a consultant. They have experience in handling different clients and hence they can assist you to get the best performance evaluation structure.

Performance evaluation also provides a guide to the employees about what is expected out of them in the company; what are their roles and responsibilities in the organization.

Employees are generally happier when expectations are made clear. Performance evaluation system also leads to a healthy competition amongst the employees which is good for overall development of the company.

Capture Employee Voice

Ask to know; employees can let you know how they feel about the company only if you ask them. But employees are always not comfortable to speak about their grudges in front of the HR and managers.

So if you want to get an unbiased opinion about their current status in the company; whether they are happy or not, then coordinate with third-party consultants to set up anonymous employee surveys. People can freely inform about their issues when there is no chance of revealing their names. 

Third party consultants can not only handle these surveys properly but also can help you out in providing solutions to their challenges.

Another way to assess if the employees are happy is by placing employee suggestion boxes at your office. As your employees give the suggestions, coordinate with a third party consultant to resolve their issues and transform the suggestions into action.

Exit Interviews

It is not only important to capture employee feedback when they are working for you but also when they are leaving. Why are your employees leaving? What makes them unhappy? People who are leaving the job are more open when informing the issues of the organization.

While an exit interview will not convince the employee to stay back, it can help you stop further attrition and get a group of happy employees who will re-think several times before leaving.

It is best to create an HR SOP which will have all steps from induction to exit so that every employee leaving the organization is treated in the same way and their feedback is captured in the best way.

Leader Roundtables

While it is of utmost importance to gather employee feedback, it is also important that managers and high-level executives gather to discuss the health of the company.

While the first step can be allowing employees to ask direct questions to the management, the second step is evaluating each question, getting insights into these questions and understanding the feasibility of transforming these ideas into action.

When top-level leaders are involved in ensuring employee happiness, it establishes a sense of valuable connection among the employees.

While trying to get feedback and assess employee happiness is a good idea, managers are always not prepared to listen to negative words. Hence it is advisable that you engage a third party consultant to get the right feedback at the right time without creating bitterness amongst the leaders.

With new companies coming up every day not only is the competition rising but also the attrition rate of employees is on the rise. The only way to get loyal employees is looking into their welfare and ensuring their happiness. Assess your employee happiness successfully following the above tips. When your employees understand that you are keen on giving them a good life; their opinion is valued; actions are taken as per their voice, be assured, your employees are happy.

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