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Love watching films? Well, who does not? Want to be engaged in this filmmaking industry? Well, you need not be an actor or director. Lot of finance, marketing, and economic strategies work behind filmmaking in India. If you want a profitable business, go for film franchising. Sounds new? Want to know more about this? Let us check out.

What is Film Franchising?

Film franchising is just like any other investment, where a company invests in a movie and has direct stakes involved in it.

Producers often engage franchises for film production and promotion because with this kind of business model they can distribute the amount of investment that is required for the success of a movie without compromising on its quality. Franchising is also the best way to make way into the foreign market.

Why Go for Film Franchising?

So, as you now know that film franchising is at present a popular business strategy for movie producers and distributors, check out how this business model can prove to be beneficial for you.

  • Lucrative Returns

Movie making comes with infinite possibilities of revenue generation. No one can ever estimate how much can be earned from a movie. If moviegoers love your franchised film, you can earn in crores just with a solo investment. Film franchising is better than any other business; be it real estate, blue chip stocks, gold, silver or stock market.

  • Sustainable Business-

Do you know any Indian society or any culture around the globe who do not watch movies? Movie buffs are all around the world and hence your film franchising business is never going to perish. Yes, the technology may change, the way to watch movies may change, but it can be safely said that movies will be there forever. Besides, it can be said that the chances of getting profits via movies are rising day by day. Earlier the revenue generation from movies solely depended on the movie theatre going crowd and hence if a movie was a flop, producers faced loss. But now the movies which are not doing well at theatres get the copyrights sold to cassette companies and televisions; hence these are now catering even to the spectators who do not visit the movie halls. So it is always going to be a win-win situation if you are into film franchising.

The technology may change, the way to watch movies may change, but it can be safely said that movies will be there forever

  • Choice of Expansion

Film franchising offers you unlimited flexibility to go beyond your limits. Each state of India has their own movie industry (Mollywood, Sandalwood, Jollywood, Kollywood, and Pollywood, to name a few) and hence you can expand as much as you can. Start with one state (suppose Tollywood) and then offer your franchise services to the other states and even to Bollywood. Have more funds in the kitty? Join hands with international movie makers and make your mark as a global film franchiser.

  • Flexible tenure

Faced some loss in the business? No more interested in film franchising? You can withdraw yourself from film franchising easily.

As a franchiser, the whole stake of movie making is not with you and the contracts also have limited time span. So depending on the financial situation or interest, you can either renew the contract or close it without any legal hassles.

How to Begin?

If the dynamic film industry allures you, go for it. But, do follow the below rules before you invest.

  • Go for a training

Yes, this is a must before starting your film franchising business. Get training from a good company to have an in-depth knowledge about the business. Best part, the top training institutes can help you with training even at your office. These companies help you know about

SOP– like any other business, film franchising requires a detailed operating manual and a consulting firm can help you learn how to make one. Negotiation- As you are going to deal with big producers you must know how to negotiate and get the best contract. The expert advisors of consultancies can help you in this.

  • Seek continuous assistance

It is always advisable to have an advisor by your side. Why?

Because once you frame an SOP, it needs regular updation and as a franchiser, you will have a lot more work in hand other than updating an SOP. Moreover, there is always need for field assistance. A consulting firm can help you with this.

They can interact with the producer and directors on regular basis and keep all the legal documents in place, ensuring a hassle-free. Last but not the least; a consulting firm brings advanced technology to your doorsteps.

  • Get engaged with a brand

New in film franchising? Start safe getting into a contract with a brand. There are two key benefits when you are associated with a brand. First of all, a brand ensures quality movie making; which means good business and more profits. People also trust a brand and hence when a brand releases a movie the probability of getting more spectators is higher. Second of all, you can rely on a brand. There is fewer chances of payment issues with big producers.

  • Have a business model

Film franchising is a new trend in the Indian cinema. So to succeed it is best to follow a proven business model. There are few dedicated consulting companies in the market who can offer you a beneficial platform to make a career in the film industry. They have in-depth knowledge of industries and can help you implement best practices from international movie industries around the world to ensure cent percent success in franchise filmmaking. These are the reasons, why you see so many franchised movies these days. With the rise in filmmaking expenses, more and more producers are resorting to film franchising; be a part of this rising business and tap the benefits of film franchising; which has truly become the money-making machine in India. So why wait? Engage a consultant who can help you with your film franchising business and reach the zenith of success.

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