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    The famous quote, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” lays down the importance of moving in an organized way.

    In this brutal competitive world, one thing which is clear like the crystal is, only merit excels. Yet, we have seen many examples where merit fails without proper organization. So, in the business domain for Corporates, it becomes more necessary to go ahead not only with a plan but also implementing plans in every bit of operation.

    With the sharp competition from all the sides of the world, thanks to globalization, Corporates are the first ones who feel the heat. So, bearing the heat without Standard Operating Procedures is quite a task.

    SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) is nothing but a clear cut operation path, where everything to do is clearly mentioned. It lays out plans, missions and the complete checklist for a corporate, where managing huge departments like Human resource, Production line, and Supply chain management etc. is made easy.

    How SOP is beneficial for corporate?

    1- Human Resource

    – With a detailed SOP, Corporates can check and review each employee’s efficiency and assessing productivity is also made simple.

    2- Management

    – In big MNCs and Corporates, Decision making is a vital task. With the help of a well laid out SOP, a consistency in decisions taken is maintained. The chances of any kind error are minimalized as a complete set of guidelines would be available with the SOP.

    3- Communication

    – When corporates are of different satellite centers, communication becomes the major chain to have consistency. SOP provides the proper communication chain not only between departments in a corporate but also among existing branches and centers.

    4- Resource Management

    – When cash flows are huge and handling business accounting, taxes seems a herculean task, SOP comes to rescue. With neatly prescribed procedures one can easily track the status of the financial health of the corporate house.

    5- ERP Integration

    – Standard Operating Procedures also facilitate ERP integration so that business process gets automated increasing efficiency. With detailed Standard Operating Procedures, it always gets easier to integrate with ERP, as manual SOPs might have been a tough task owing to the huge workforce in a corporate set up.

    6- Production/Service

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) helps in the quality control and it also empowers the production/ service team to maintain their tempo without any interruption. It also gives a performance checklist where every party can be assessed and reviewed. In case of large production companies, SOP can provide room for the safer workplace, so that any avoidable injury to the company workforce doesn’t happen. In short, nothing assures the total Process Improvement, as SOP assures.

    7- Customer Service

    – Standard operating procedures lets the staff know about the service rendering quality expected of them. So, through SOP, Corporates can check the quality of service their customers are getting. It also gives space to understand the customer’s satisfaction through various processes, like Surveys and rating etc.

    8- Misplacement of Knowledge

    – Most of the important paths to get the best of the process are always with some key- employees. When they change organization, it’s lost or with a change in the department, it’s misplaced. So, Standard Operating Procedures facilitate filing those processes from the staff’s head to a proper indestructible format, as SOPs are always regularly reviewed and improved.

    Corporates are behemoth places where thousands of processes are being done by thousands of Human resource having possibilities of thousand kinds of results. So, without proper channeling, this all may go haywire, instead of giving you growth, the chances of making losses are always there. So, a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will help you to channel the energy in the right direction and it may surprise you of results you might not have anticipated.

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    Benefits of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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