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I will not give you any definitions on SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) In some or the other way we follow some SOPs designed by our community, religion, etc


When you go to a temple: you join your hands & pray
When you are born: you have to follow the SOP of life i.e. school, work, marriage, children, retirement.
Thus, our culture is nothing but a standard way to follow a particular process Similarly- SOP for business is a Standard way to follow a particular process.

But what is “Standard” in the Operating Procedure- has to be defined by you which can be the best fit to the process.


Process name is: Get slim in 60 days
According to Mr. A- Maintaining strict diet & 30 mins of walk daily will achieve his target- So this becomes the SOP of Mr. A- for the Process called- Get Slim in 60 days
According to Mr. B- Rigorous exercise of 01 hr daily maintaining the same diet- will achieve his target- So this become the SOP for Mr. B- for the process called- Get Slim in 60 days

Thus, you have to define the Best Fit “Standard” to your business “Processes”
Don’t: Do not follow others SOP- since the process is same. Since you know your business best- define or choose the “Standards” yourself to streamline your processes.

Now, friends, it’s the time to take our first step towards “organising our business”

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Benefits of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


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