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Process Automation Training


Process automation is a feature of intelligent process automation (ipa) that describes logic driven robots executing pre-programmed rules on mostly structured data. Process automation takes productivity optimization to the next level by redefining work and reassigning employees to execute higher- value activities. Process bots are capable of independently performing simple human-like functions such as interpreting, deciding, acting and learning.

Process automation is the application of technology that gives access to employees in corporate sector to configure software or a “robot” to interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, prompting responses, and communicating with many other digital systems.

Process automation training helps the intended audience to acquire skills in patented robotics process automation technology that is mainly capable of automating virtually, the complex business process. It mainly helps the companies to achieve process consistency across a team, department, division or else enterprise by automating and managing workflows, process and tasks etc.


  • Business Analysts
  • Business Process Management Employees
  • IT Professionals
  • Blockchain & AI Enthusiast
  • Working professionals
  • Business Intelligence professionals
  • Senior Organisation Leaders
  • Consultants looking to understand Blockchain & AI for their clients
  • Aspirants aiming for a career in the prospective field


Use of AI technology

  • Save time and money by automating routine processes and tasks
  • Increase productivity and operational efficiencies
  • Make faster business decisions based on outputs from cognitive technologies
  • Avoid mistakes and ‘human error’, provided that smart systems are set up properly
  • Use insight to predict customer preferences and offer them better, personalised experience
  • Mine vast amount of data to generate quality leads and grow your customer base
  • Achieve cost savings, by optimizing your business, your workforce or your products
  • Increase revenue by identifying and maximizing sales opportunities
  • Grow expertise by enabling analysis and offering intelligent advice and support

Use of blockchain technology

It’s the technology that underpins digital currencies and ensures that all transactions are properly conducted and recorded. But what is stored on the blockchain need not be just a monetary unit – it can be put to all kinds of other interesting uses.

  • This is a core concept and benefit of blockchain. There is no need for a trusted third party or intermediary to validate transactions; instead a consensus mechanism is used to agree on the validity of transactions.
  • Transparency and trust -as blockchain are shared and everyone can see what is on the blockchain, this allows the system to be transparent and as a result trust is established. This is more relevant in scenarios such as the disbursement of funds or benefits where personal discretion should be restricted.
  • Immutability -once the data has been written into the blockchain, it is extremely difficult to change it back. It is not truly immutable but, due to the fact that changing data is extremely difficult and almost impossible; this is seen as a benefit to maintaining an immutable ledger of transactions.
  • High availability- as the system is based on thousands of nodes in a peer-to-peer network, and the data is replicated and updated on each and every node, the system becomes highly available. Even if nodes leave the network or become inaccessible, the network as a whole continues to work, thus making it highly available.
  • Highly secure -all transactions on a blockchain are cryptographically secured and provide integrity.
  • Cost saving -as no third party or clearing houses are required in the blockchain model, this can massively eliminate overhead costs in the form of fees that are paid to clearing houses or trusted third parties.

Uses of Process Automation BOT:
Business Process Management:

Excellence in business process management can be achieved by developing and implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for organization. Standard operating procedures are a set of instructions that address the who, what, where, why and when of an activity. Sop defines the responsibilities, authorities and reporting structures for every hierarchy within the organisation.

Operational Risk Score Analysis

One of the key features of obizcoin bot is its operational risk score analysis obtained by unique risk score algorithm, which is a comprehensive score of businesses which shall be helpful for SMEs, startups and investors to find the following,

  • Degree of process implementation within the organization,
  • Measure the team performance across the organization
  • Organization’s strengths & weaknesses

Third Party Services

One of the major beneficiaries of obizcoin bot would be business process consultants. Obizcoin decentralized application shall act as a platform for consultants to deliver their services. They will benefit by developing their client processes on this DApp.

BOT shall act as your virtual CEO!

The task of formulating and effectively executing an organization’s strategy in a fast-moving global economy has become increasingly difficult. The accelerated rate of technological change, increased global competition and a more sophisticated customer base have combined to challenge senior leaders to rethink their business models, techniques, and tools in favor of faster, more responsive approaches.


Benefits of Process Automation in Business


Good business planning will steer the organization in the proper direction. This includes mission and vision statements, a good marketing plan, cost planning, and strengths, weaknesses and competitor analysis. Most SMEs fail because their plans are sales-oriented. Effective business planning should meet customers’ needs. The more a business develops, the more attention its management needs to pay to planning.

Cashflow management

There are various reasons why businesses experience cash management problems. A few factors that affect SMEs & startups are slow-moving or excessive stocks, overly generous credit terms, and cash wasted on unprofitable products and services. It is vitally important for SME owners to keep a check on some basic accounting disciplines, such as budgeting, profit and loss, and break-even analysis, to remain sustainable.

Cost effective

It has been estimated that using robotics cuts operational costs by as much as 25-50%. Robots can operate 24/7 and take no vacation, when compared to humans, who work 8/5 and have a pre-fixed number of annual leaves each year. Having robots take over some of the manually intensive work from humans could result in visible gains for the business. Automation can help you recover the cost within a short time span and from then on, it is all only about gains!

Accuracy & Quality

Process automation offers improved services to processes that have a high probability of human error, thereby increasing accuracy. Robots are reliable, and consistent and do not whine when expected to work tirelessly. They also reduce the cases of re-works and improve the output quality, drastically. The best part here is that robots follow all rules to the dot, thereby producing 100% accuracy in the process results and let’s not forget what adds more sweetness to this deal – the fast implementation of this technology. Process automation optimizes capabilities that multiply the organizational capacity.


Robotics is a safe, non-invasive technology that doesn’t interfere with the inherent systems and provides perfect consistency in performing the activities across the board, each time and every time.

Improved Analytics

Having access to error free, accurate data from various sources would improve the quality of analytics in the process. This leads to better decision making and overall, to the betterment of the process execution.

Increased Employee Productivity

Process automation ultimately facilitates humans and robots to do just what they excel at. As process automation frees the employees from their mundane tasks, they can focus more on client and customer interaction, relationship management and other such activities where humans naturally excel at. Having satisfied clients and customers only mean better business.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Delivering better quality of work with high accuracy and improved customer/client interaction leads to increased customer and client satisfaction. This only adds to the goodwill of the business.


As bots are handling the execution here, a larger amount of work can be done in a relatively much shorter period. A faster delivery, coupled with accuracy becomes the norm with automation.

Reconciliation from Multiple Systems

Process automation makes the tallying of data and information from multiple systems possible which generates information that helps with the integration of processes.


Process automation is applicable across industries and has the ability to perform a wide range of tasks. Any process that is rule based and can be defined and is repeatable makes an ideal automation candidate.

Better IT Support and Management

Process automation improves the operational quality of the service desk and monitors the network. This enables companies to handle short term spikes without have to recruit extra staff or train them.


A brilliant strategy, blockbuster product, or breakthrough technology can put you on the competitive map, but only solid execution can keep you there. You have to be able to deliver on your intent, which is the biggest challenge for startups and smes.


Analysis predicts the consequences of a business function and process and gathers information needed to develop recovery strategies. Potential loss scenarios should be identified during a risk analysis & assessment. Analyzing and evaluating the impact of disasters on business provides recovery, prevention and mitigation strategies.