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As we mentioned, only 8% of Businesses in India are organised, the major reason behind the same is that the rest 92% believe it’s “Not their cup of Tea”.


Is it that Organising your business & running it as per systems, without the involvement of the owner is the privilege only for a few giant players??? Well, that’s the biggest MYTH.

Be it a single location or a Multi-Location Company, SOP can be a privilege for both.

Let’s understand how SOP can benefit YOU….

We tend to involve ourselves least into the daily operations
We can concentrate on Business Development
We can devote our time, efforts & energy into channelizing & developing new products, new locations, new strategies for operations & much more.
The Faster the Entrepreneur realises this,

The Faster he can convert his business into an Organised Organisation!!

Having served clients from various domains, right from Apparel to Jewellery, from Furniture to Footwear, from Stationery to FMCG.

Would like to throw some light on the Success Story of one of our Angel Clients, where we started developing their SOPs and standardising their policies & procedures, they were just 03 stores in a single city. The entire process took 09 months & finally we were “ALL SET TO ROLL OUT”. It’s been 03 years & today they have grown upto 16 Stores spread in more than 05 cities & going head-on to spread their wings across the Nation. Salute to the passion of this Gentleman who started early with the SOP and is going Pan India now. The major factor to be considered in their entire growth cycle is owner’s “WILL TO DELEGATE” and “ADAPTABILITY TO CHANGE”

As we observe, only these extraordinary skills will not help.

Your people will change, only when YOU change.

Your people will follow, only when YOU Follow.

Your people will talk, only when YOU DISCUSS.


To know more about benefits of Organised Business, get in touch with YRC Business Experts on [email protected]

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Nikhil Agarwal

Chief Operations Officer

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