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IPO Listing

Companies seeking to raise capital from the public capital markets for the first time benefit greatly from hiring an experienced independent financial advisor to sit on their side of the table as their advocate during this often bewildering process. Our team have collectively led numerous equity IPOs across a wide range of industries as both advisors and as principals with the highest standards of integrity, independence, objectivity, and financial expertise.

How we will?

Your Retail Coach’s Team works with our clients to create a clear and effective investment proposition and strategic rationale for the IPO, develop an IPO preparation rollout plan that identifies communications-related activities and responsibilities, establish an investor relations infrastructure, including website content and protocols for handling inquiries & create and refine disclosure and reporting practices.

Services Offered

Corporate Restructuring

Your Retail Coach supports clients to manage the often conflicting interests of their employees, customers, suppliers, investors, creditors, political and regulatory bodies, and the media. Any restructure requires sound strategy and futuristic vision along with a practical approach to communication. We support clients through this process and work with them to manage the often competing interests of their stakeholders. Companies need the support of their key stakeholders for their plans to reorganize and rebuild, particularly as these plans will usually require some infused discipline.

Entrepreneurial Mentoring

Your Retail Coach helps the Entrepreneurs by being a source for their advice, information, talent that can help take their business to the next level. A typical IPO inclination would cover the following aspects, the historical track record and equity story, major listing difficulties and requirements, financial constructing, identification of key value drivers and risk factors impacting on business evaluation, assessment of corporate governance arrangements, help in selection of the right market and advisory team.

Strategy Advisory

We assist SMEs preparing their evaluated business plan and build on their strategy. We review the originally framed plan periodically in the dynamic and ever-evolving business context. An objective third-party REVIEW is often helpful to facilitate strategic planning discussions and critically challenge existing assumptions.

Software Upgradation

We help devise IT enabled achievement of strategic objectives, improvements in cost and energy efficiency & increased productivity. We align IT with strategic business initiatives, build in flexibility to adapt to a constantly changing global market, the ability to strategize, develop and execute new initiatives with optimal speed to remain competitive.

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