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    Managing small office spaces is s tedious task especially in metropolitan cities. Due to financial rent related constraints, it is not easy to find a commercial space to fit the bill of our choice and requirement. However, it is quite easy to adjust the occupied space as per our convenience by applying some smart techniques.


    It will therefore, make your business space look more spacious and send a good impression towards your customers. In order to start a business, it is imperative to have right size and budget to set up a business. People who are shifting their business to a larger space, they search for the level of availability within state. At times, it is not possible to get all your demands meet on display. If you want to display your wares in a small floor space, then there are several ways of doing it. You can make your shop look catchy even in a limited floor space by applying several techniques. What are those techniques? Note down a few effective techniques which will make a small retail space appear bigger in size and quite spacious.

    1: Light Hues-  

    It is always recommended to select pale and light colors to make your space look larger. Dark colors like red, pink and yellow make the room look smaller and extremely bright to the customers. Therefore, try using pale colors like cream, white and light shades to make the space look airy, open and spacious. Light colors will also keep the atmosphere warm and relaxed.

    2: Furnishing-  

    Keep the furnishing light and little. Do not overdo it with plenty of wooden shelves on your walls at every corner. Keeping only the samples of your saleable products on display rather than the entire inventory will save a lot of space. Organize your products of display in a vertical fashion. This will make the customer roll his eyes from top to bottom and will make effective utilization of your space. One can opt for a separate godown to accommodate the inventory.

    3: Ambience-  

    Keep your limited space as comfortable as possible. Invest in some innovative and unique wall paintings as per your type of business. Light up the space with sufficient light and avoid keeping the corners dark and cluttered. Use chairs instead of sofas to save on space. Align your chairs at a distant place from one another for the customers to easily navigate in the space. Do not concentrate them all at only one corner. Do not clutter cartons and unpacked boxes one above the other in corners.

    4: Mirrors-  

    A mirror at the right place can work wonders for your limited space. Set up a mirror at a window with proper angle to reflect the outdoor environment. This makes it look larger and spacious for the newfangled people entering the space.

    5: Windows and Curtains-  

    Keep your windows open for breath of fresh air. It will keep the space fresh and will offer s good view of outside surroundings. If at all you happen to use curtains, keep it simple of light cloth and color. Do not use dark colors and thick fabric.

    6: Decorate only minimal-  

    Decorate your space with only minimal but right materials. Use flowers at the entrance for customers to send a feel good aura through fragrances. Wall hangings, wind chimes, antique statues, and items will add up more richness to your business space. Playing soft instrumental music will also set up the mood for your customer.

    7: Use Color As A Backdrop-  

    You need to choose the right colors for the backdrop. Select those colors which will make your space appear bigger in size. If you use dark colors, then the space of your store will look small and tiny. Hence, you should use light colors which will make your room look bigger in size. Make sure to select simple and neutral wall color. Then coordinate the colors and paint them on the walls. Paint different colors on different sides of walls. When you paint the walls in this way, it creates an illusion in people’s eyes which makes your space look bigger and brighter. You can make use of bold colors, colorful wallpapers with geometric designs.

    8: Fresh and vibrant look-

    Always keep in mind that it is absolutely right to try out fresh things. You can switch your items and add fresh item pieces of your choice. You can also choose to change new colors and small declarative pieces to fit into your space. If you keep on trying out new things, you will come to know which techniques will be apt for your space.

    These ideas will make your limited space look spacious and open. Remember, the sales drive is often dependent on the customer’s mood and choice as they enter the space. Therefore, a space with the good atmosphere can tremendously drive sales and satisfy your customers. After all, customer satisfaction is what will make you climb the ladder of profit.


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