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Scarters Case Study


Scarters was born with a simple thought of fulfilling a deep longing within each one of us – to keep things simple, look unique and feel special.

Problem Statement

  • One of the fastest growing Lifestyle Ecommerce brand, mounting their growth 100% month-on-month was facing several management-related challenges to match the pace of business growth.
  • Major challenges faced were managing cash flows, inventory planning, defining processes in detail across every function, assigning responsibilities & authorities across the core team members, layout planning of Distribution Centre/ Warehouse & ensuring optimum utilization of resources.

YRC Solution

Inventory Management

YRC started working on the backbone of Scarters i.e. Inventory Management. YRC started understanding flow of goods, returns, bulk orders, cash flows, manufacturing turnaround time & increasing volumes. Considering these parameters, YRC designed the inventory planning module which helped the client to decide which SKU to buy, how much to buy & when to buy. Inventory Management SOPs helped the inventory team decide the minimum order quantities, in-built formulas, logics & algorithm which ensured that the slow-moving stocks were never ordered in excess & fast-moving stocks never went “out of stock”. Inventory Management Reports planned their inventory turnaround cycle considering the historic sales data & forecasting. Inventory Management systems designed by YRC helped Scarters in reducing the ordering TAT by 70%, which proportionately reduced their investment in stocks.

Cash Flow Management

Simultaneously YRC Finance Experts devised strategies on Cash Flow Management Cycle which helped to plan the operating expenses, analyse the breakeven points, budgeting for capital investments and recurring expenses. To ensure positive cash flows, inventory management along with cash flow management were being worked upon hand-in-hand. YRC Team also helped to analyse and invest optimal in inventory as per the consumption cycle, which eventually in the long run increased the stock turnover ratio and grew the bottom line. Purchase Planning helped Scarters improve their cash flow positions by 45%.

SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

YRC defined the Organogram and mapped roles, responsibilities & KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of every team member. SOPs increased transparency amongst core team members with clearly defined processes. SOPs facilitated inter-departmental communication thereby preventing authority-responsibility imbalance. YRC introduced several tools i.e. task management software, calendar, inventory management software, CRM, etc. which increased team efficiency by 50%, eased operational glitches & also kept team members motivated towards the organization goals.

Distribution Centre

YRC devised an agile layout plan for Scarters warehouse, which can help them gradually expand upto 03 times their existing capacity in the same carpet area. Major challenge was to bring down the Order Lead time from order receiving, processing to dispatch. These SOPs had to be integrated with the Warehouse Management System Software to prevent dependency on people & manual documents. YRC Team designed Distribution Centre layout with detailed Infrastructure Plan i.e. Racks, their types and their positioning, Office area, Goods Processing plan (from Inbound to Outbound activities), Networking & Hardware plan (i.e. computer positions, security systems). Finally, detailed SOPs were drafted and every team member was trained to ensure we hand-held the brand from planning to execution.

The entire YRC team hold their head high to see the implementation of these SOPs at its best, with unparalleled support from Scarters Team.

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