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    Raymond Custom Tailoring Case Study


    Raymond Apparel Ltd., a subsidiary of Raymond Limited is the manufacturer of market apparel under the following brands: Raymond (Ready to Wear), Park Avenue, ColorPlus, Park Avenue Women, Parx, and Notting Hill. The company was founded in 1969 and is a subsidiary of Raymond Limited. The company specializes in men’s shirts, trousers, suits, ties, jackets and accessories, women’s wear and kid’s wear. Raymond offers products through exclusive brand stores, retail outlets and multi-brand outlets in India and abroad. The company is also exporting fabric to more than 50 countries and operates over 1000 stores in 120 countries, as per their annual report.


    1. Ecommerce Route: The company was seeking an omnichannel approach and adopting an e-commerce route in addition to brick and mortar stores.
    2. Strategy Implementation: The company was seeking retail consulting services to implement a new business model focused on manufacturing hubs directly for the end user and e-tailoring. Raymond Apparel Ltd. required standardization and streamlining of operations, as well as IT integration for the new model.
    3. Streamlining Operations: The company required end to end SOPs/Standard Operating Procedures from order receipt to manufacturing to delivery. They also required operational streamlining for their MIS reporting at centers across India. Development of standard operating manuals and franchise management for manufacturing hubs and creation of SOPS for garment production and doorstep delivery was also a challenge.


    Omnichannel Approach

    The YRC/Your Retail Coach consultants worked with Raymond Limited to develop an omnichannel approach incorporating an e-commerce strategy. Going past traditional brick and mortar stores, YRC focused on providing the company an e-delivery model that was in line with modern industry trends.

    Mapping the Customer Journey

    For devising the right strategy, understanding strategic implications was critical. Raymond Limited also needed clarity on customer preferences and patterns. So, getting data from conventional brick and mortar stores was hard. Evolving into an online model meant a wealth of data and data management functions, effectively handled by the YRC team.

    Roadmap for Business Model

    Evaluating the new business model and business plan, YRC specialists also carried out the strategic integration of the e-tailoring initiative with existing systems and facilities. From existing models of operations, to understanding the investment involved in the new business model, recurring costs and financials were analyzed by YRC retail consultants for Raymond.


    YRC also assisted the Raymond team with the standardization of garment production. Raymond was keen to take the online route and there were no standard measurements for styling, customized trims and more across the various franchise retail outlets of the company. YRC helped the Raymond team to adapt to online models and evolved garment manufacturing SOPs.

    For Raymond’s unique e-tailoring service, SOPs in terms of specifics and workflows were incorporated right from the receipt of the order to the manufacturing of the product and the final delivery of the apparel.

    Defining the industry best practices and standards of excellence for customized tailoring services and stylists, the company focused on developing standardization of trims so individual measurements of clients could be effectively inputed.

    Devising the Right Strategy

    Right from reports generated at different levels and designations to reporting formats for everyone from the head tailor to the stylist, YRC worked on mapping operations, developing operating manuals and engaging with the team to facilitate franchise management for manufacturing hubs. Going online was one part of the challenge; managing its strategic implications was another.

    Ecommerce backend like inventory management, order management and customer service are managed by YRC specialists for Raymond.


    New e-Tailoring Model

    Raymond launched its custom tailoring initiative with the support of YRC specialists and strategists. Offering a unique bespoke experience, the custom tailoring program is distinct from traditional store shopping. Experienced and trained stylists pay home visits to help you select the right fabric, styles and detailing.

    A lifetime warranty on alteration further sweetens the deal. The focus should be on a unique look with garments that are well crafted. Raymond offers a perfect fit guarantee and full refund in case clients are not satisfied with the apparel.

    Clients have the power to choose their date, time and preferred look. Stylists consult with the client free of charge. Customers receive measurement and bespoke tailoring products at their doorstep.

    The Raymond team has worked to ensure custom clothing reaches clients as per their delivery schedule. Raymond’s made to measure brand has benefited from this innovation in the retail and apparel industry.

    Impact of SOPs

    Impact of the SOPs resulted in better training, reporting, operations and strategy management. Besides IT integration, backend operations and strategic management, YRC worked with the group to implement SOPs across retail outlets and franchises, as well.

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