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Our experienced audit professionals take a risk-based approach to internal audit with a view to help clients improve performance and operating efficiency. We go beyond traditional fundamentals and add tangible value. We work to build process audit into a strategic and productive tool in today’s corporate governance environment.

Business Process Auditing focuses on evaluating the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the business processes that are critical to meeting your strategic objectives. Our team is concerned with understanding how these processes operate and how they support the achievement of strategic goals.

Business Process Auditing involves a structured investigation of your critical processes to assess their ‘health’ in relation to criteria that are important to your business. These criteria include business strategy, corporate policy, business plans, and departmental targets, past performance, current performance in other parts of the business or customer expectations.

How SOPs will help in Franchise Business Expansion?

Lack of capital, manpower resource constraints, the time required to open another store, the involvement of business risks etc often redirects businesses to opt for the franchise option for growth and expansion. Franchise model has proved to be a successful and...

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5 Things to do After GST Implementation

From 1st July 2017, India has stepped into the much-awaited GST regime (country’s single largest tax reform since independence). GST will integrate country’s economy which is roughly worth $2 trillion and a vast customer base of 1.3 billion into one common market. GST...

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Strategies to Learn from Big Business Failures

In life or business, the best lessons are learned not just from the success stories but also from the saga of failures and struggles. This is the reason why so much emphasis is laid down on analysis of case studies in business schools. In this article, three prominent...

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