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    They say, “If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else surely will…”

    We sell the best products, give them good price & try to give them excellent service… All this would be possible only when we have our customers coming back to us again & again. A customer coming to the store only once & never seen again is not called business. Business is when you have the same customers walking in, over & over again.

    CRM activities can be carried out only when we have distinct customer data. We must tap the basic information like customer’s name, mobile number & the area name/pin code, where they reside. Advanced information like their birthdate, anniversary date etc. can be captured during their second visit.

    How to use this information efficiently??

    As Mobile Number is a unique number, we can track the purchases of the customer in terms of their visits & purchases in a quarter etc. For eg. If a customer purchase pattern is monthly at your Store & suddenly we find that the customer has not visited since 02 months, an SMS must be sent to the customer mentioning that we are missing them since 02 months. This gives a personalized & caring approach towards the customer which a “SALE” Board can surely never compete.

    Since we have a record of the area pin-code from where our maximum customers walk-in, we can organize small awareness campaigns or some fun activities for our loyal customers from that area.

    This will not only increase their loyalty but also help us get excellent references of their neighbors, friends & family staying around. To name such activities, we can conduct seminars on “Women Empowerment” if your target group is women or a “Play Activity” for the children around if your target group is women or children.

    The last but the most important would be “LOYALTY PROGRAMS”, either in the form of points or discounts to retain the old customers & attract the new ones are must.

    In this competitive world only developing better relationships can save us from losing our share from the market.

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