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How important is the naming ceremony of your child?? What if you were not given a name when you were born? What would you be called?? Similarly, how do we refer to your products when they were not barcoded? Aye, Ooh, Woh, Wahanpepada hai, Udhar se layatha, woh big gaya kya??

Barcoding is nothing but “Naming Ceremony” for your products. A bar code consists of Category, Sub-category, Brand, Colour, Size, and Model/Design No. & all the other applicable details which make the product unique from the other products of a similar kind.

How does barcoding help??

Identify Products

Once your products are barcoded, it is very easy to identify which products are available at the store, which ones at the warehouse. It identifies the products which are fast moving, whose stock is about to get over; due to which we might lose our customers otherwise. It identifies the products which are slow moving whose stock is getting dead over months since purchase.

Maintain Stock

Stock Taking is one of the most important aspects affecting the profitability of the stores. If the stock is not being maintained, you are losing more than what you earn while you sell. It is a silent killer for any Retail Organization. To maintain Stock & perform regular Stock taking, you must barcode your products. It is faster, simpler & accurate.

Ease of Purchase

Purchase becomes easy when we have reports like “Supplier Wise Stock Movement Report”, wherein we have the list of suppliers with the sale of their products & the accurate duration. Eg. For XYZ Supplier, only 100pcs have been sold out of 1000pcs purchased, in 30 days which means only 10% Stock Movement in 01 months. Do you have this data for all your suppliers?? Can you rate your suppliers as per their stock movement %???

Aren’t all these aspects much more important than the time we save in not barcoding our products? Barcoding means investing your time for accuracy.

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