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    A standard operating procedure is recognized as an important part of the organization. Good processes and work directions offer and aid a reliable standard and practices within your organization.

    As rightly quoted by Mr. Mark Sanborn, Famous Leadership Speaker, “Your SUCCESS isn’t based on your ability to change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your Competitors …!”

    Every 05 years, the technique of doing any business, changes… If you are adaptive & receptive to the change, “YOU SURVIVE. YOU SUCCEED. YOU WIN”. One such major change or rather I would call it a challenge, is getting your organization “Growth Ready!!

    What you must have as a TOOL for optimum growth & best results is “SOP” i.e. Standard Operating Procedures.
    SOP, as the name suggests, is neither an option nor a fancy for any Retail Organization. It is a MUST HAVE to simplify & smoothen all the daily operations.

    It helps you work in a very systematic manner & defines the job of each & every person working in our organization, along with their responsibilities & accountabilities.

    The study suggests, 68% of the Retail outlets have failed due to improper management, improper documentation & lack of SOP.

    Advantages of Getting Organized:

    . Helps you manage your Stock & reduce Dead Stock
    . Define Responsibilities, Authorities amongst the Staff. Set Targets& Incentive Structure to motivate Sales
    . Makes the organization “SYSTEM – DEPENDANT” & not “PEOPLE DEPENDANT”
    . The owner shall be free from “DAILY OPERATIONS” & can concentrate on “BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT”
    . Your Customers will get “Best Experience with YOU”
    . Prevent Income Leakage

    Once you realize the importance of SOP in your organization, you will surely be ready to get out of your comfort zone & face the change with 100% more positivity & 200% of more dedication to implement it right manner.

    If you want to CHANGE, you have to be willing to be “UNCOMFORTABLE”!!!!

    If you want to GROW, you have to be willing to “SPEND MORE”!!!!(On Smart Staff & Intelligent Technological Solutions)

    If you want to EXIST, you have to be willing to “IMPLEMENT SOP”!!!!

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