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Whenever there is a change of guards in the middle level, the responsibility to build a Team comes to an employee who is selected by the management, based on their performance. The onus falls on the person who is in charge of the team to bring out the best and increase the level of overall performance. This article talks about the key attributes for managing your Team in the best possible way and also understanding as to why team building is so crucial for the Lead as well as for the organization. Team building is a complicated process as there are multiple factors which you need to put in the correct order to achieve a milestone.

Although there might be numerous bookish ways to manage a team, the 1st and foremost thing is to eradicate the traditional mindset, which is to see the leader as a mentor or a talent nurturer instead of a ‘boss’. In order to build a team that produces desirable results and works like a well-integrated system, the leader has to be proactive in realizing the actual role. The leader has to nurture talents within their team and create an environment which helps them to realize their potential, strive for it and ultimately – achieve it. It’s absolutely the manager’s job to inspire, lead and motivate the team to accomplish the set targets. For a leader, getting your team to achieve results collaboratively as one unit is the ultimate goal.

Importance of managing the teams 

In the words of Henry Ford, “coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success”.

Managing a team and performing well means you can create a positive workplace, remove preconceived notions or negative perceptions and at the same time ensuring that, the employees get a friendly office culture. The rapport within the team adds values beyond the individual talents and skill of each employee. Effective staff management is essential for your workplace to run smoothly. Vice versa, poor staffing, and incompetent team structure can lead to a chaotic work environment which can end in diminishing performance.

If you get the right mix of people in your team, it helps in reducing the workload and responsibilities is shared evenly.

Building a team requires time and effort before you start seeing the expected results. It’s important to create an atmosphere where people do care about business and its success. Let’s look at a few powerful ways to manage your team.

Engaging people

Every single decision matters and here we are referring to the recruitment process. You have to select the correct profile for the correct job. Their roles and responsibilities should be synced with team performance.

Along with the daily work, you have to engage your team so that they know where you are standing in terms of performance.

Open up and discuss how the business is performing in the competitive market, what changes are afoot. If a person is unable to do a specific task, assign a different task, there’s no point in sticking to your rules when it comes to achieving business goals.


Communication is the bridge which connects every individual to the team. You have to be patient and open to your people’s feelings and opinion. It’s not necessary to have a common point of agreement every time. What matters is giving time, space and opportunity to express themselves in front of you in form of discussions. In a corporate structure, an emphasis is given to written communication as it acts as the legitimate proof of the discussion you had with your team.

Any gap in communication brings in dissatisfaction among the employees and they start losing their confidence in the leader and their role in the team. 2-way communications is the easiest way to share your thoughts and clear up your expectations. As a leader, listening to your team builds confidence, rapport, trust and better connections.

HR policies

As a leader, it’s your duty to educate your team about the organizational structure, hierarchy, HR policies and different functions within the organization. You are the vital link between your staff and the management, therefore it’s important that all the updates related to HR policies and procedures are been informed and discussed within your team.

You have to make sure that everyone in the team has a transparent overview of the HR guidelines and also to check if the team is adhering to the policies. You also have to be proactive in managing issues related to HR on behalf of your team members.

Skill enhancement and performance reviews

No one likes a stagnant life. One of the best ways of motivating your team is to identify the people and send them for relevant and appropriate training courses for enhancing their skill sets. Investing in training and development has multiple benefits – it helps to achieve the business objectives as well as enhances the skills of your staffs. In the same way,

Regular performance review helps a lot in understanding an employee and re-aligning the employee to attain maximum output. Positive feedbacks and constructive reviews are a trademark of a good leader.

Let your staff understand that any feedback highlighted is for their betterment. A leader should always keep a written record of the reviews which assists the management to analyze the performance of the employee during annual appraisals.

Rewards and recognitions

As a leader, if you are able to get the desired performance from your team, it’s a pay-back time! Acknowledging a piece of work which leads to appreciation or assisting the productivity is an effective tool to maintain the enthusiasm level in the team. You have to recognize the extra contributions made by your staff at regular intervals and rewarding or even nominating the individual for a reward helps in motivating other members of your team.

The trust level raises manifolds when you recognize a genuine effort taken by a member of your team.

These steps along with others can be fruitful in managing your team and in bringing out the best from your employees.

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