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In today’s competitive business world, utilizing time in the most productive way is a challenge for entrepreneurs. If the business is not managed in the most efficient way, you are bound to be engrossed in doing the daily ‘regular’ activities which stop you from being ‘extra’ productive and innovative. Before exploring the best possible ways to get free from daily business operations, let’s decode ‘business operations’ and understand the types of activities undertaken while running a venture.

The operational activities involved can vary as per venture; however, when it comes to managing a restaurant business, managing the routine business activities can be a tenacious task. All the tasks undertaken on a daily basis for the sole purpose of generating income and increasing the inherent value of the business can be termed as ‘day-to-day’ business activities. In course of doing business, all the activities that encompass the economic activities are listed under daily operations. In general, there are 3 types of business activities-Operational, Investing, and financing.

Regular Communication

A hassle-free communication process is the mainstay of every business activity. With reference to a restaurant venture, proper and adequate communication plays a key role. You have to derive a communication system which is transparent, regular, updated and also which is not consuming your productive hours. There’s absolutely no need to put off communication from your ‘to-do’ list.

Rather than letting emails or pending discussions become the bane of your business existence, set some time every day to communicate. Instead of doing it at short intervals, assign a time wherein you only communicate with others regarding your business.

If you are looking for a prospective client meet, confirm the timings beforehand to avoid last minute changes to your regular work schedules. Be it oral, written or online; make it systematic, time-bound, and target-oriented discussions.

Process and set guidelines

Underdeveloped or misinterpreted process guidelines are a big risk to any business. To ensure maximum productivity, you have to standardize and regulate the procedures for your employees.

The best way is to draft an SOP which defines the structure of your business activities. Well-written SOP’s minimizes guesswork and make it easier for employees to perform their tasks independently ensuring consistency in standard practices and operations.

SOP’s or set guidelines can assist you to replicate the work processes of the organization. In a restaurant business, creating process a manual is quite effective as it helps to train the fresher’s and are helpful while performing the steps of the process ensuring everything is done correctly. This can definitely help you in diverting your attention to the core areas of your ownership and gain success.


Majority of the inventions and path-breaking innovations have been a boon to the mankind and therefore, you should be open to the idea of using gadgets and technology in your ownership.

You have to understand how technology affects your business and also how to apply advancements in order to play them to your advantage and hence finding the right tool for the right job is quite important. In the hotel business for instance, use of inventory management system can assist you to run an efficient warehouse by ensuring the right level of stock. Rather spending hours calculating the stocks each day, you can use the inventory system which can keep the accurate count for weeks and months.

Likewise, use of mobile applications for online bookings, social media platforms, emails, and Internet can help you to avoid spending time on manual activities on a daily basis.

Employee Management

For every entrepreneur, managing the staffs is a daunting task which consumes a lot of time and effort. In the absence of any mechanism, managers or entrepreneurs are bound to waste their time handling employee’s issues.

Employers must create proper work schedules for the staffs including their breaks timings and leave periods. They should opt for a systematic approach while dealing with staff retention and training process as well. Minimizing conflicts and dealing with the HR issues helps the organization to be steady and productive.

In a food business, staffs play a key role and if you can manage them effectively, you will have enough space and bandwidth to manage other grey areas of your venture. Having proper guidelines, well-defined work ethics and policies, friendly environment motivates you and your employees to operate efficiently.

Financial Stability

As stated earlier, earning a profit is the sole motive of any ownership and hence to maintain a healthy book of account, much of your time goes in performing repeated activities. You have to create a budget that clarifies how revenue is utilized in daily operations and future growth.

Rather keeping a manual track of every transaction or financial dealings, have an accounting software which will save your time and energy as all information would be stored in this repository.

You can view invoices, bills, expenditures, annual statements, tax documents, balance sheet at one single place, and it’s safe and online. Having a good financial relationship with vendors and customers is a positive sign and can be achieved if you streamline your everyday finance in the most optimum way.


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