Standard Operating Procedures


Your Retail Coach team of consultants design tailor-made SOPs that best harmonize with your organisation. SOPs are a set of instructions that address the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY AND WHEN of an activity. SOP defines the authorities and reporting structures at every level for every element of the organisation.

How we will?

Standard operating procedures i.e. SOPenvision the organisation’s current capability and future aspiration and are customized considering your appetite for expansion. Through SOP Development, sync is developed between the web stores, brick & mortar stores, mobile apps, inter-city deliveries, and customer retention and vendor fulfilment. SOP Procedures fill in the gaps between each process, where these gaps are identified and worked upon realising the operating cost and the net output. Our expertise includes developing SOP for Small and Medium Scale Businesses where the businesses carry an inherent moat which needs to be structured and banked upon through SOP and the entire Management. Standard operating procedures i.e. SOP are set of instructions documented and implemented right from organisational structuring, department structuring, defining the procedural owners and their KPIs, Reporting structures which eventually help in the seamless operational functioning of the organisation.

Services Offered

Supply Chain Efficiency

In current scenario, expansion means reaching out to our customer base across brick & mortar, web, mobile app and all other channels available. Considering your current reachability and the further growth strategy, our supply chain SOPexperts design the most robust Supply Chain Planning, Sourcing & Procurement, Inventory Optimization, Warehouse Management, Logistics Distribution & Transportation and Supply Chain Integration system to ensure order fulfilment & increase customer satisfaction quotient. Supply Chain Management is the most effective tool for management for SME where it can be a crucial decision maker for longevity of the business.

Inventory Control

Inventory turnover ratio determines the profitability of any organisation. Inventory is the most critical channel of leakage & a parameter to assess the viability of the organisation. Our SOPteam of experts develop potential processes which minimize the leakages and optimizes the control. At Your Retail Coach, we use analytical tools to keep the inventory levels under the prescribed values & have procedures in place to work upon the positive as well as the negative ratios.

Merchandising Strategy

YRC Team of experts devise Standard Operating Procedures for merchandising strategy from autumn to spring and summer to winter using technology at its best. Merchandise Planning, Space Planning, Assortment, Merchandising Analytics, Pricing, Promotions, Item Management, Allocation and Replenishment, every aspect is covered using seamless integration and real time data.

Multi-Channel Facilitation

In order to expedite your operations at multi-channel level from web to mobile to catalogue to brick & mortar, SOP processes and procedures need to be effectively designed and efficiently implemented. Since at the micro level, several operations are carried out by numerous people at different locations at the same time, SOPManagementmandates smooth functioning and prevents loss of resources of any kind.

People Management

Availability of the right person at the right place at the right time is not enough if he does not know the right thing that has to be done. YRCSOP team of experts would ensure, the resources are well informed about their profile, KPI, reporting structures, appraisal parameters, hierarchy, culture of the organisation and their road map to growth. People build the strength of every department in an organisation and retaining the best ones would be our effort by developing the best fit Standard Operating Procedures i.e. SOP for the entire organisation.

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