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B2C Management Consulting Company

Outstanding people have one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission.

What makes you tick us? a never-ending itch to achieve greatness.
Our Business Consultants do this with style, alacrity, and a dauntless spirit. And coffee. Lots of coffee.
We always strive for your success, and our own. But we don’t just give it away.
We are always challenging ourselves to learn, and helping our clients author their own success stories.


“Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm”

As Management Consultants, We hand-hold our Client for their entire journey from inception of an idea to conceptualisation of the business and execution of the operations..
We suggest them the best practices of the industry which eventually helps in scaling up stronger & faster!



Learn the Do’s & Dont’s of Retail. Learn the organized way

Our “Business Management Training Program” is made to ensure that the owner is out of the daily operations. Most businessmen have learnt retail management “on-the-job”. Thistraining will enable retailers with work experience to return to the class room, acquire knowledge of the latest technology, best industry practices & the way of doing business which in turn would develop a broad-based foundation to managing their businesses. Must do for all the small business owners & their next generation!


Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

Our team helps in research-based interventions, bridge the organisational connect to accomplish your organizational goals, understand the need of finance, sales, marketing, operations and people for your productivity, establish an alignment index to indicate how your organization is aligned with your aspirations, add value to your organization through our quality strategy advices and key-note secrets, make your system and process highly cyclical by our inimitable consulting tips.

“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

Alignment of strategies ensures that the outcome of compliance work is mapped to organizational strategy. It avoids cost overruns by completing the initiatives within stipulated timelines; measure the outcomes of regulatory change management initiatives against quantitative key performance indicators.


“The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”

Our Franchise Consulting solutions arefor all businesses that possess the capacities and USPs for expansion. We connect and decipher the information businesses need to thrive. Behind our strategic advice is the technical depth of Team who have designed and delivered major projects for the entire management chain – from purchase to sales, human resource to customer care, operations to CRM. Any company who is willing to multiply, cannot escape our services!


“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there will be no hope for it.”

These services are for all those brands who wish to embark their presence in the business world. Market research, Execution, marketing and expansion strategies considering the Indian market shall be designed by the professional team of experts. We also provides a complete plan and capability of executing the strategies across the sector.


Client Testimonial

“I must appreciate YRC’s understanding of the subject, the patience with which they met with all the stakeholders, high level of professionalism & the time lines that they achieved.”

– Mr. Varkey Joseph, Raymond Ltd.

“I wouldn’t call them consultants; they have been partners to us.  Extremely passionate about their job, they have taken immense interest in the project and gotten into all the nitty-gritties and solved a lot of roadblocks in the business”

– Kunal Ahuja, Director at Just Casuals

“We partnered with Your Retail Coach to work across our 100 stores. Overall the services of YRC went very well for us”

– Koushik Marathe, Director at Cotton King

“Team YRC understands the core of your business. They go deep down to the problem levels and comes out with meaningful, practical and implementable solution.Now we are in a position to expand our business.”

– Takalkar Classes – Patil Sir

“I would recommend Your Retail Coach to all companies in an expansion mode”

– Sanjay Shewani, Director at Hastakala Sarees

“We appreciate YRC’s dedication, exemplory work, efforts & ensured deliverables”

– Parag Gadgil, Director at P N Gadgil Jewellers

“Your Retail Coach has given us 100% implementable solutions which has benefited our organisation a lot”

– Rajkumar Bhandari, Director at Moolchand Group

“Your Retail Coach have helped us to grow & simplify our business. They have helped us in setting up the process which we being in the business, could not do it”

– Dhanpath Sheth, Director at Zelia- Lights & Beyond

“YRC Team really had in depth analysis of our business. They gave us good valuable inputs which we can implement in our day to day business. Today we have a clear picture on how to expand our business.”

– Ayush Arogyam

“Their management solutions helps to simplify the business”

– Ajay Khatri, Director at Ajay Arvindbhai Khatri

Client Testimonial

“YRC has done an excellent job for us in identifying, developing and documenting SOPs & KPIs. I loved their flexible approach & strict adherence to time lines.”

– Mr. Ajit Pattnaik, Raymond Ltd.

Client Testimonial

“Your Retail Coach has helped us to set up our systems to cater our future expansion plans. We wish to have a long-term association with YRC.”

– Mr. Tushar Ashtekar, M B Ashtekar Jewellers.

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