Retail Outsourcing Services

YRC is a retail consulting and outsourcing company.
YRC has a dedicated team of process experts for each function of a retail business. We believe that retail business is a symphony of various business functions like sales and marketing, production, logistics, manpower, inventory, customer service, accounting, etc. As we all know “No symphony can be successful without a perfect synchronisation of all of its components”, similarly retail business cannot function without all of its functions working in harmony with each other and to achieve it, a systematic and scientific approach must be taken. This is where SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) play an important role. SOP is a management tool which keeps your business on track

YRC started operations in Pune, India in 2012. Since our inception, we have catered more than 500+ clients across retail industry. In the process, we have gained invaluable experience in the retail domain.

We help our clients in every aspect of retail management which includes production, supply chain and logistics, warehousing and inventory control, customer relationship management, accounting services, HR Services, ecommerce and omnichannel strategy.

Over the years we have defined and optimized the processes for various business functions in Retail. Standard Operating Procedures
& Process manuals are the basic requisites for retail outsourcing. A testimony to the success of our methods is the fact that 85% of clients who have worked with us, keep coming back for more.

YRC provides retail outsourcing services for digital transformation. Every Retail business has an agenda of going online and accessing a vast online market. But there is a difference between having an online presence and having a “successful” online presence. You need to embrace and harness the power of new technologies to make your business process friendly to customers and constantly update and upgrade your systems to keep up with the changing times.
Outsourcing in the retail industry is a relatively new concept which is gaining fast momentum. Both big, as well as small retail businesses, are taking advantage of this new revolutionary way of doing business. Your competitor might be gearing up to take advantage of retail business outsourcing, are you ?

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