Compliances and Audits

Outsourcing the internal audit function is an important activity in any business which acts as “Early warning signals”

Availing the internal audit outsourcing services of experts like YRC helps you in identifying the problem areas in every function of your business. It is a well-known fact that in order to improve something you need to measure it. The important thing here is that the meas- urement should be accurate for it to add value to the business. Expert auditors like YRC help you in measuring performance and KPI’s of your business functions so that you can take the appropriate corrective measures.

We all know Newton’s law of motion, “a body in motion/rest tends to remain in motion/rest unless and until an overpowering external force is applied to it”. This law tends to apply to humans as well. There is a tendency amongst businesses to stay stagnant with old practices unless an external force acts on it. This external force can This law tends to apply to humans as well. 

There is a tendency amongst businesses to stay stagnant with old practices unless an external force acts on it. This external force can be in the form of competitive pressure or changing customer preferences or a bad economy. These external forces many times tend to have a devastating effect on your business. Outsourcing auditing can prove to be a boon in avoiding such a situation as it acts like “Early warning signals”. Process audit outsourcing helps your business in gaining the benefit of the vast experience and knowledge of these professionals.

Regulatory compliances are increasingly becoming complex adhering to them is of vital importance for any business. Not only does your business face hefty fines for non-compliance to regulations, in this age of social media this turns out to be a big risk as the news of non-compliance to regulations can also damage your brand reputation very quickly.

Keeping a tab on the efficiency of your various business processes like HR, production, warehouse, inventory, logistics, marketing, sales, etc is of paramount importance. A process audit is carried out to make sure that all the business processes run efficiently.

Outsourcing your “process audit” function to an experienced professional will help you in gaining new perspectives on the subject of process auditing. 

Conducting an inventory audit in a timely and scientific manner will help you in avoiding situations of stock out, excess stock and in eliminating pilferage. Stock audit will enable you to gain control over your inventory.

Administering a well thought out internal audit by outsourcing it to accomplished professionals will help you in being on top of your business.

Our experts at YRC will help you in conducting a thorough internal process audit, stock audit and statutory audit to help you in adhering to the various regulatory compliances and achieve “Excellence in Management”

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