Cost : US $20/-

#1. Content Writers Work Sheet

Purpose: If there are multiple content writers working on many topics, it becomes difficult to track their work. So this template shall make the collaboration with multiple content writers easy, effective & in single view.


#2. Digital Marketing Checklist

Purpose: There are multiple activities which are to be performed by digital marketing team on a day-to-day basis. This template shall help them track their repetitive activities, so they do not miss out any!


#3. Website Development Project Tracker

Purpose: When you develop a new website, there are numerous activities that have to go on paralleley for the website to go live as per the target timelines. This sheet will eliminate the chaos in terms of scope of work & bring transparency while dealing with the website developer.


#4. Website Development Checklist

Purpose: Google Webmaster regularly updates their paramters to classify a website as a “Good website”. This checklist will help to ensure that the developer follows these guidelines while developing the website.


#5. Digital Marketing Calendar

Purpose: Plan and track marketing activities across the year. This Calendar wil also help in monitoring, reviewing and keeping the activities as well as the activity owners on track.


#6. New Product Launch Checklist: E-commerce business

Purpose: Searching a good product is just half battle won! While you plan to launch any product on your digital webstore, there is immense turmoil before the product goes live. This template shall help organize the entire “Product Launch Activity” and reduce the product launch time


#7. Newsletter Template

Purpose: Newsletter template to ensure you follow the basic rules of drafting a newsletter to make it interesting for the readers. You must neither under-sell nor over-sell!


#8. SEO Work Report

Purpose: SEO Team is usually multi-tasking & their activities produce results after a few weeks or most times even months so keeping a track of them is extremely important & can be done through this template. It will help you define & track the work of your SEO Team across weeks/ months.


#9. Blog Uploading Checklist

Purpose: When you upload a new blog, ensure you do not forget to follow certain guidelines which shall help in SEO. This checklist will act as a reminder to ensure your Blog is SEO Compliant.


#10. Website Optimization Checklist

Purpose: Webite requires regular optimizaton. This checklist will ensure you complete all the optimization activities on time without missing on any of them!


#11. Marketing Budgeting Worksheet

Budget your activities for the year and track your actual v/s budgeted spending.


#12. Brand Manual Template

Purpose: For marketing all your content has to be developed as per the brands guidelines. Your brand manual is the guide that helps you keep your designs uniform & helps you keep your brand identity intact.