Human Resource Outsourcing

Although being one of the core functions which holds vital importance in any business, the function of HR (human resources management) is not given it’s due weightage in many businesses.

Today we live in a knowledge economy and in this knowledge economy, the most important component is managing people.

We have seen many businesses suffer due to lack of proper human resource management.Hr process outsourcing can help your business in achieving optimum performance.

We at YRC understand that an HR function is a holistic function which contains many sub-functions like building a job description, identifying the KPI’s in a particular job role, finding out the right candidates who will be suitable for a particular job, training and retraining of employees, managing payroll and ensuring low turn- over rates of employees.

Handling all the above mentioned functions requires a certain level of expertise and experience. Instead of wasting your time and energy on managing the HR department, you should opt for HR business process outsourcing.

Constant training and retraining of your staff is necessary in order to make them compatible with the latest technologies. Outsourcing the training process in HRM to experts like YRC will help you in conducting these HR function processes.

Being in the business of retail consulting for since 2012 we at YRC understand the importance of retail staff management. In retail, the perception of the customer is heavily influenced by the behaviour of your front line retail staff, which in-turn has an effect on your brand image. If your staff is well trained to handle the customers queries as well as complaints then your customer will carry home a positive brand image of your brand, boosting customer loyalty in the process.

Outsourcing your HR management function to YRC will relieve you from the problem of employees attribution. Problem of attrition arises 90% because of selecting the wrong candidate.

As the employees selected are not capable of delivering, they either leave as they are incompetent or you need to tell them to leave. This is an unpleasant scenario for both, as the employee needs to find another job and you need to fill a vacancy immediately.

As YRC specialize into Retail and E-commerce consulting, we understand the KPI’s of every role in your organization, thus we take necessary care to avoid attribution by hiring the right talent at the right place

If the right people are not recruited in your staff then they can hamper the progress of your company. As these people won’t be able to work with the desired level of efficiency and consecutively affect the performance of your business.

YRC is a premier payroll outsourcing consultant in India and can help you in streamlining your payroll and other critical HR processes.

Improper Human resource Management can have serious ramifications on your business. Hence human resources business process outsourcing to a competent consultant will ensure that your business processes function in a smooth manner and help you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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