E-commerce Outsourcing

E-commerce is growing at breakneck speed all over the world. With consumers getting accustomed to the convenience of ordering their favorite products from the comfort of their homes, instead of battling traffic, weather and long queues at physical retail stores.

Most of the brick and mortar businesses find it difficult to make the transition from physical to online retail. The same difficulty is experienced by online-only retailers who are just entering the industry. Even enterprises who already have up and running e-commerce websites find it difficult to cement their position in the market.

Many times businesses fail to understand that managing an e-commerce store entails not only managing the online part but managing the back- end part like warehouse, inventory, catalogue management, etc.

If your e-commerce business isn’t able to deliver the product to the customer within the stipulated time, then your business is bound to fail. You must understand that delivering the product on time is not possible without a reliable inventory and warehouse management system which works in tandem with a strong logistics and supply chain system.

Like any business, running a successful e-commerce business also encompasses a careful synchronization of various systems like inventory and warehouse management, supply chain and logistics, marketing and sales, customer relationship management, managing the website/app and so on. It requires the precisely designed systems, i.e. SOPs (standard operating procedures) to ensure the smooth functioning and proper synchronization amongst these various business processes.

YRC will take care of all the aspects of an e-commerce business like e-commerce product listing, catalogue management, merchandising, customer support, omnichannel customer experience management, handling the website layout and marketing of the website on various digital as well as traditional channels, inventory control and warehouse management, supply chain and logistics management, warehouse management, last mile delivery, after-sales services and handling e-commerce accounting.

If you are a well established physical retailer and are worried about providing the best experience to your customers in the digital domain. The same way you serve your customers in your physical store, then be rest assured we will take care of the entire omnichannel customer journey so that your digital transformation can be completed smoothly.

We at YRC have been serving e-commerce clients since 2012. We have helped many clients in seeing through the transition from physical to digital successfully. Hence, over the years, we have gained the expertise and experience which will help your e-commerce venture to reach new zeniths.

Doing a full e-commerce outsourcing to an expert like YRC in India will relieve you from all the operations related to the management of your e-commerce website.