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The Certificate Programme in Retail Business Management (RBMP) is an intensive programme, designed to enhance leadership in the context of Indian retail. This programme enables participants to evaluate their own retail strategies, discover newer models from national and international markets, and explore various challenges that are synonymous with this industry.

How we will?

We conduct training sessions with relevant case studies, lectures, and panel discussions, the programme helps participants gain newer perspectives to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive market. Study incorporated in the programme will helps participants to learn first-hand from the best practises. The programme includes an action learning project where participants can directly apply the concepts learnt in the programme to their own real-life business problems. Thus the programme provides a holistic understanding of the retail business and enables participants to lead the Indian retail revolution.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how the consumers’ decision process affects retailers
  • Understand how changes in operational variables (e.g., price, COGS, demand, expenses) affect profit
  • Describe how technology in retailing affects all channel members
  • Understand both the theory and practice of pricing merchandise at the retail level – Markups, Margins, Discounts, Offers etc.
  • Develop a retail strategy that appeals to a specific target market, which includes:
  • An initial proposal of retail type and geographic area
  • A complete analysis of the target audience – demographics, psychographics, and benefits
  • Store layout and design – internal and external
  • Develop an assortment and merchandise mix (fill the store with products).
  • The development of a promotional plan to communicate your benefits to the consumer
  • Inclusion of a human resource plan for staffing the right people at the right time
  • A pricing and financial section – including the development of pro forma statements

 The educational sessions provide different learning methods, including lectures, simulations, discussions of case studies and group work

In the Certificate course of Retail Business Management, you will learn broad-based business skills with retail-specific expertise. It is designed to prepare you for a general business management.

You will learn best-practice approaches for retail in India, in both physical and virtual environments.

You will also gain knowledge of retail-related disciplines such as logistics and supply chain management, retail design, combined with an understanding of the evolution of technology , consumer behaviour and visual merchandising within the sector.

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