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Analyse your data well, act as per the analytics. Data collected at the source points must be filtered well to prepare “Out-of-the-box” strategies. The competitive landscape in the retail industry is ever-changing & there is a paradigm shift in the consumer of today, retail analytics would give us insights towards customer behaviour, preferences, optimize inventory & distribution & stand tall in the competition.

How we will?

Your Retail Coach provides services to companies into retail analytics by offering their subject matter expertise in the field of retail. Our retail experts provide thorough insights about the products that need to be developed for detailed analysis on various aspects of sales, marketing, supply chain, customer relationship management etc. after understanding the needs of the customer. Our in-depth knowledge of the retail sector right from inception to operations, gives us an edge in upgrading the existing products as well as developing new ones. Retail Business Analysts from Your Retail Coach not only design strategies for analytics companies but also implement the same by providing appropriate inputs to the architectural teams & construct an operationally executable product which is not only technically sound but also competent on the domain knowledge front.

Services Offered


Retail Business Analysts

YRC provides retail business analysts who can bridge the gap between your client’s requirements and your technical team. YRC offers subject matter experts who add value to your deliverables offered to the client by giving it a retail operational angle as well market research perspective.

Software Up-gradation

Market research, operational excellence and competitor study provided by the analyst, helps the retail analytics companies to develop their existing products as per the needs of their customers thereby initiating one step further engagement with the clients.

New Product Development

“Your ability to survive is directly proportional to your ability to change, faster than your competitors”. Our team of retail analysts will help you develop new products for your client’s pain points to stand tall and associate further, with your clients.

Software Test Consulting

Our business analysts offer practically executable solutions & guide your IT Team to develop the same. Retail Analysts from Your Retail Coach will act instrumental in providing your IT Architectural Team, insights on retail domain and give the product specifications with logical reasoning to develop the same. This would indeed help the Retail analytics company to develop skills set of their technical team and qualitatively upgrade their deliverables.

Business Intelligence

Through Retail Analytics, YRC Team of Experts provide accurate data to manage inventory, minimize income leakages, identify new product development opportunities & improve decision making. Business intelligence helps in identifying the weak processes in the organisation that requires re-engineering.

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