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About Automobile/ Accessories Industry:

The automobile industry is one of the key industries that drives the economy of the country. Since opening up of 100 percent FDI in 1991 through automatic route, Indian automobile sector has come a long way. With the economic growth of the country, use of passenger and commercial vehicles has manifold over the years, thereby giving a boon to the accessories industry as well. These industries have only a forward path considering the growth of the country as a whole.

Challenges faced by Automobile / Accessories Industry:

  • Organize the operations in terms of purchase, sales, accounts, marketing and all the other day-to-day operations
  • Setting up the brand in the competitive market especially when every brand is becoming stronger day by day.
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Getting skilled staff who can eventually up sell and cross sell better
  • Managing stock effectively, thereby increasing the stock turnover ratio
  • Adoption of technology to drive sales.
  • Integrating SOPs with the software with the aim to develop digital organization.

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