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About Home Appliances & Electronics Industry

In the last few years, the Indian Home Appliances & Electronics market has been doubling, in both residential as well as commercial utility. Availability of home appliances and electronics has multiplied; few of the factors include cost-effective pricing, product awareness, innovative products, modern lifestyle and high flexible incomes. The global electrical and electronics sector is highly fragmented, comprising of various ancillary sectors namely electronic components, computer and office equipment, telecommunications, consumer appliances and industrial electronics.

Challenges faced by Home Appliances & Electronics Industry in India:

  1. This industry has a complete retail chain, right from manufacturer to distributor to dealer to retailer to consumer. Margins get narrow due to presence of several mediators. Few common problems faced by the industry include :
    • Reduction in Operating cost to increase the margins
    • Staff attrition
    • Lack of educated and skilled manpower
    • Monitoring the sales and marketing team which is on-field most of the time during the day.
    • After Sales Service
  2. Presence of strong SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) can not only help in standardizing the operations but also can help in expansion with better control

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