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5 Most Powerful Ways to Create a Brand | YRC

For budding entrepreneurs, branding is a tough nut to crack. Even if you can manage to pour in heavy investments to your business, you can't get the surety that your brand can hit the bull's eye- reaching out to the customers! Unless your brand name is strong to face...

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5 Most Important Roles of a Business Owner | YRC

Owning and managing an organization is a huge responsibility as the entire business operations are dependent on the owner who calls the shots. As an owner, the person has to be aware of every operational activity undertaken on a daily basis along with supervising the...

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How Predictive Analysis is doing Wonders in Retail !!! | YRC

Data analytics is the new-age technology used for determining the health of the organization and taking the necessary steps to enhance business opportunities. The information's are useful in organizing and drafting the future patterns. As the retail market expands...

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Manage Staff Problems in 5 Most Effective Ways | YRC

No matter how efficient you are in managing your business or employees, it's common to overlook or sideline few of the issues, especially if the impact and severity are not that high. Although smart entrepreneurs always prefer to 'macro' manage their business,...

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Do I Take Franchise or Start My Own Business…? | YRC

One of the proven ways to manage your life and earn is by starting your own business. For many of us, the perks of entrepreneurship are hard to resist. After numerous sessions of brainstorming and re-reinventing the possibilities, a day comes when you have an idea and...

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5 Most Effective Ways to Manage your Team | YRC

Whenever there is a change of guards in the middle level, the responsibility to build a Team comes to an employee who is selected by the management, based on their performance. The onus falls on the person who is in charge of the team to bring out the best and...

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05 Most Effective Ways to Make your Business Plan | YRC

Interested to start your business? Well, many people out there are. But just planning to start a business is not enough. Many fail to start a business because they are really not aware what they want to do and how to do. So do not be a part of the crowd, start a...

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Are your Employees Happy? Assess it in These 5 Ways… | YRC

Happy employees are assets to any company. Why? Because if employees are happy then they will always give their best for the company and help it reach the zenith of success. But how will you assess the happiness of your employees? Let us check out 5 ways in which you...

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