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Do I Take Franchise or Start My Own Business…? | YRC

One of the proven ways to manage your life and earn is by starting your own business. For many of us, the perks of entrepreneurship are hard to resist. After numerous sessions of brainstorming and re-reinventing the possibilities, a day comes when you have an idea and...

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5 Most Effective Ways to Manage your Team | YRC

Whenever there is a change of guards in the middle level, the responsibility to build a Team comes to an employee who is selected by the management, based on their performance. The onus falls on the person who is in charge of the team to bring out the best and...

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05 Most Effective Ways to Make your Business Plan | YRC

Interested to start your business? Well, many people out there are. But just planning to start a business is not enough. Many fail to start a business because they are really not aware what they want to do and how to do. So do not be a part of the crowd, start a...

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Are your Employees Happy? Assess it in These 5 Ways… | YRC

Happy employees are assets to any company. Why? Because if employees are happy then they will always give their best for the company and help it reach the zenith of success. But how will you assess the happiness of your employees? Let us check out 5 ways in which you...

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5 Ways to Organize SME Businesses | YRC

Organizing is one of the recognized and accepted principal functions of business management. It helps business entities systematize its existence and operations as a stable and working organization. Organizing primarily involves structuring, departmentation and...

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6 Effective Ways to Run your Business Successfully | YRC

A successful business seems to be the most satisfactory thing that you have done in life. But is it that easy to succeed in business? Well, with the extreme level of competition in the market you need a structured approach to business. So what are the basic principles...

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4 Benefits of Integrating ERP with SOP | YRC

If ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the technology to drive the business processes, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) lends it the direction and purpose. SOPs can be implemented without an ERP but it will not be as effective the other way round. ERP is a...

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How can an Indian SME Attract Investment? | YRC

The official records put the number of MSMEs existing in India at over 500 lakhs approximately. The numbers may appear frightening for budding entrepreneurs and other existing SMEs as it may present an exaggerated picture of competition. However, it also needs to be...

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How SOPs will help in Franchise Business Expansion? | YRC

Lack of capital, manpower resource constraints, the time required to open another store, the involvement of business risks etc often redirects businesses to opt for the franchise option for growth and expansion. Franchise model has proved to be a successful and...

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