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10 Ways to Get IPO Ready Part-I | YRC

Going the IPO-route is an extremely crucial decision in the life cycle of a company and also for its owners, promoters, venture capitalists and/or angel investors who have helped build the foundation of the company. IPO is a crucial decision because it is done with...

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IPO Basics : What is an IPO? | YRC

Private companies usually comprise of a very small number of shareholders (owners) consisting of its founders, angel investors, venture capitalists etc. General public cannot purchase the shares of a private company until the company’s shares are offered for sale to...

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05 Reasons Why You Must Develop SOPs For Retail Stores | YRC

Behind all that we get to see in a modern retail store – organized aisles/merchandising, wide range of products, uniformed employees, payment terminal with readers and scanners, a cool and clean environment, designer interiors, lighting and seating arrangements etc....

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5 Reasons to Develop SOPs for Restaurants – Part II | YRC

Continued from first part - 5 reasons to develop SOPs for Restaurants In continuation from the last article where we highlighted three important reasons to develop and implement SOPs for restaurants, in this article we shall cover two more vital reasons to go for...

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Five Reasons to Define Your Organization Structure | YRC

As an owner of your business organization, it is vital to define your organization structure to maintain discipline and to keep things organized. Many times, an organization runs on the basis of only conducting the required tasks to accomplish the goals and...

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5 Reasons to Develop SOPs for Restaurants – Part I | YRC

On a lighter note, restaurants and marriage parties are remembered for the food. However, if a restaurant wishes to build for itself a strong reputation and create customer delight, it has to go beyond food and also focus on its service and environment. Restaurants...

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5 Reasons to Develop SOPs for Hospitals | YRC

Hospital administration has evolved as a specialized domain in the field of management. It involves a wide range of functions and processes which are interlinked and can get voluminous and complicated with increased services and increasing number of patients coming...

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How Celebrities can Leverage Their Brand Name !!! | YRC

How Can Celebrities Take Advantage of Their Name to Setup A Retail Brand? Celebrity entrepreneurship is not a rare phenomenon in the world of business, especially retail business. Many celebrities from around the world from diverse fields and professions went on to...

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Business Opportunities in Small Towns | YRC

In a vast country like ours, population distribution is highly dispersed. The small towns, which include the class IV & V towns, constitute more than 10% of the urban population and close to 50% of the total number of towns. In terms of numbers, the total...

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03 Biggest Failures of the “Startup Era” | YRC

Of all the startups that come into existence, only a handful of them makes it to its next five-years. It may sound a bit cold but that also gives us a strong reason to prepare better for the future. This article highlights a few startup fiascos to help entrepreneurs...

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Strategies to Learn from Big Business Failures – II | YRC

In continuation with our previous article on ‘Strategies to learn from big business failures - I’ where we analyzed three prominent business case studies (Blockbuster, Kodak and Hummer) to help entrepreneurs and business owners derive meaningful tips for...

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5 Things to do After GST Implementation | YRC

From 1st July 2017, India has stepped into the much-awaited GST regime (country’s single largest tax reform since independence). GST will integrate country’s economy which is roughly worth $2 trillion and a vast customer base of 1.3 billion into one common...

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Strategies to Learn from Big Business Failures | YRC

In life or business, the best lessons are learned not just from the success stories but also from the saga of failures and struggles. This is the reason why so much emphasis is laid down on analysis of case studies in business schools. In this article, three prominent...

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Effective Ways to Financially Prepare for Expansion | YRC

Financial preparation is a critical part of any business expansion project. Talking about financial preparation, three aspects that come to the forefront are the financial liability that will arise from a new project, financial ability to execute the project and...

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Five Ways to Attract Investors for Your Business | YRC

In order to start a business or to expand and embrace growth, every entrepreneur or a business enterprise at some point of time in its life cycle has to look out for investments from the outside. Self-funding is better but it’s a slightly rare phenomenon.  ...

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