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6 Ways To Price Your Product

Simply speaking, the price of a product or a service is its monetary value at which it is offered for sale in the market.   The price of a product is arrived at after intensive deliberations and brainstorming based on data and information pertaining to various...

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5 Smart Ways To Build A Productive Team

Every company irrespective of its size and operations seeks to increase and maintain high levels of employee productivity. HR is the costliest function of any company. On an average, wages and salaries roughly constitute 80% of the total costs of a company. It becomes...

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Six Steps to Writing a Great SOP for Retail

Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs in business management have become an indispensable tool for management of a company or a retail enterprise to smoothly execute its various processes including the retail function. A retail function comprises of several critical...

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How Do I Build Up a New Brand?

What could possibly come to the mind of the majority of people when they hear the word ‘Monday’? The start of the week, resumption of work and Monday blues are some bright candidates. This impression is branding. Poor Mondays did not choose this nor had...

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5 Most Powerful Reasons to Hire a Management Consultant

Association with a management consultant can help a business enterprise minimize the risks involved in the implementation of solutionsHiring management consultants is commonly considered as a practice restricted to big domestic companies or MNCs. However, that is not...

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5 Benefits of Organized Business

Organizing is the second critical function of management after planning. Through planning, a business enterprise defines its goals and objectives and lays down the detailed roadmap to achieve these goals and objectives. But that roadmap has to be actualized and...

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How to Choose Your Business Partner?

History has witnessed that business partners who have successfully built and run some of the largest corporations in this world, starting right from the garage space, did not seek each other; they kind of stumbled upon one another in their respective journeys of life....

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Are You In Your Business Or Is Your Business Running You?

Falling trapped into a continuous loop of routine business activities and not realizing it is something that is good neither for the business nor for its owner. This can confine the vision of an entrepreneur and limit the business horizon within a comfort or safety...

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Basics Before Starting a Business (Part- I)

With an economy that continues to grow at a promising and blistering rate, coupled with favourable demographical shifts and suitable policies and regulation, India is riding high on the startup wave. But unfortunately, 90% of the startup enterprises fail within the...

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Easy Ways To Make A Small Retail Space Look Bigger

Managing small office spaces is s tedious task especially in metropolitan cities. Due to financial rent related constraints, it is not easy to find a commercial space to fit the bill of our choice and requirement. However, it is quite easy to adjust the occupied space...

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Importance of Culture in an Organisation

Culture is shared beliefs, notions, practices and customs amongst the members of a group or a community. Culture of a community forms the foundation of the accepted as well as the expected code of conduct for its members. To begin with, organisation culture simply...

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Starting a New Business

Getting a new business to take off can be a very challenging task. At the heart of every business lies an idea or a concept of a product or a service which is meant to fulfill certain specific needs for certain specific users and under certain specific conditions...

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Business Expansion Plan for Small Entrepreneurs

Business expansion may seem like an uphill task for small-scale business enterprises. But expansion is essential for a business; not just for growth but also for survival. No business has ever become a great business without growth and expansion, even if such growth...

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How to Develop Business Growth Strategies and Manage Growth?

In today’s business environment, no business can afford to remain complacent with its achievements of the past or its grand opening run. If a business has to survive in the long run, it must learn to grow with its environment – demographics, industry, technology,...

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