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4 Benefits of Integrating ERP with SOP | YRC

If ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the technology to drive the business processes, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) lends it the direction and purpose. SOPs can be implemented without an ERP but it will not be as effective the other way round. ERP is a...

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How can an Indian SME Attract Investment? | YRC

The official records put the number of MSMEs existing in India at over 500 lakhs approximately. The numbers may appear frightening for budding entrepreneurs and other existing SMEs as it may present an exaggerated picture of competition. However, it also needs to be...

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How SOPs will help in Franchise Business Expansion? | YRC

Lack of capital, manpower resource constraints, the time required to open another store, the involvement of business risks etc often redirects businesses to opt for the franchise option for growth and expansion. Franchise model has proved to be a successful and...

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Is Your Brand Ready For Expansion??? | YRC

Growth and expansion are both a necessity and an aspiration for almost every business enterprise. However, irrespective of the intensity of the need for growth and expansion, only a handful of businesses succeed in their expansionist attempts. And every such business...

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How Can an SME Raise Funds from Public? | YRC

In the recent years, the IPO-route has proved to be a huge success for a large number of SMEs in India. In 2016-17 alone, as many as 80 companies came out with their IPOs (initial public offering) and raised a staggering amount of 811 Crores INR as compared to 46...

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5 Ways to Improve Staff Retention in the Organization | YRC

It's quite normal for a business to receive occasional resignations for better job prospects or any other reason. However, if there is a flurry of resignations piling on the HR's desk, it's a worrisome signal. As an employer, you need to maintain a balance at any time...

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Effect of REIT on Indian Malls | YRC

REIT, which stands for Real Estate Investment Trust, is a type of company that invests in real estate in the form of ownership and financing of various income-generating real estate properties like office buildings, apartment complexes, warehouses, timberland,...

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10 Ways to Get IPO Ready Part-II | YRC

In continuation of our previous article on 10 ways to get IPO ready; in this concluding article, we will try to highlight a few more critical moves for companies towards IPO readiness. Move 7 - Road Show Planning Road shows in an IPO (initial public...

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10 Ways to Get IPO Ready Part-I | YRC

Going the IPO-route is an extremely crucial decision in the life cycle of a company and also for its owners, promoters, venture capitalists and/or angel investors who have helped build the foundation of the company. IPO (initial public offering) is a crucial...

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